Top 10 most expensive tanks in the world

Firepower does not mean a clear advantage, while weight, mobility, quantity of ammunition, control and aiming systems, or type of armor play a decisive role.

It should be remembered that the price is approximate – the exact figures depend on many factors specified in the contracts.

1. Type-99 – 2.51 million USD

Танк ЗТЗ-99
Tank OF the TTH-99

The 3rd generation Chinese tank is the most advanced tank in service with the People’s Liberation Army of China.

2. T-90 – 4.42 million USD

Русский танк Т-90

The first models were created in the early 1990s and were successors to the T-80. The tank’s weight is 46.5 tons, and the destruction of enemy equipment is carried out with 125 mm smooth-bore weapons.

3. Merkava IV – 5.78 million rubles

Танк Меркава 4
Merkava Tank 4

A 65-ton showcase of the Israeli army. The tank is known primarily for the fact that the main emphasis was on the best protection of the crew. The case of one Merkava, which survived several blows and returned to service after minor repairs, is often mentioned.

4. Arjun MK II – 5.81 million rubles

Танк Арджин МК 2
Tank Arjin MK 2

The pride of the Indian industrial sector is the result of more than 37 years of development.

5. Leopard 2A6 / 2A7 – 6.58 million rubles

Танк Леопард 2
Tank Leopard 2

The German Leopard 2 tank is also used in the Polish Army, the 2A4 and 2A5 models. The Germans use the latest version – 2A6, and have already developed an upgraded 2A7. The design and equipment are very similar to the British Challenger (they were created at the same time).

6. M1A2 Abrams – 8.20 million rubles

Танк М1А2 Абрамс
M1A2 Abrams tank

It is safe to say that this is a cult design – many consider Abrams the best and universal tank in the world. Abrams have proved superior in many of the world’s conflicts, and none of the world’s combat vehicles has been as successful in combat as Abrams.

7. Challenger 2 – 8.39 million rudders

Танк Челленджер 2
Tank Challenger 2

The improved 3rd generation British tank was built by BAE Systems Corporation. Currently, it serves only two armies: British and Omani. The 62-ton beast is powered by an engine with a capacity of 1200 hp, and the 120 mm gun is aptly aimed at the enemy.

8. K2 Black Panther – 8.5 million rubles

Танк К2 Ченая Пантера
Tank K2 Chenaya Panther

The K2 Black Panther-generation South Korean tank is armed with a 120 mm smooth-bore cannon and is equipped with state-of-the-art electronics.

9. TYPE 10 Hitomaru – 9.04 million rubles

Танк Тайп 10
Tank Taip 10

The light tank, which can drive on all roads in Japan (its predecessor Type 90, due to its heavy weight, could only move to Hokkaido).

10. AMX-56 Leclerc – 12.26 million rubles

Танк АМХ-56
AMM-56 tank

French tank of the 3rd generation production Nexter. 55-ton machine (equipped weight) is designed for a crew of 3 people, the main weapon – a gun caliber 120 mm. The tank is used by the French army and the Army of the United Arab Emirates.

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