Turkey announced that they learned how to deceive Russian S-400

Turkish media said that the latest electronic warfare (EW) system developed by the country will initially be installed on F-16 fighter jets, and later on tons of drones. At Bayraktar Akinci, Ankara claims that it is currently the only EW complex in the world capable of defrauding the Russian S-400 air defense system radar.

Turkey’s M5 Dergi website states: The latest electronic warfare (EHPOD) test flight developed by TUBITAK-BILGEM to protect the F-16 fighter jet from threats, in particular the guided missile has begun. 

EHPOD is one of Turkey’s most important electronic warfare projects, integrating radar warning receivers (IA) and electronic coping systems (EKT). 

Turkish Air Force F-16s carry electronic warfare systems EHPOD
Turkish Air Force F-16s carry electronic warfare systems EHPOD

The EHPOD IRIA subsystem detects broadcasts from radar systems with multiple broadband antennas. The system periodically scans the frequency range of the radar and determines the parameters of the received signal, such as frequency, pulse width, direction, and pulse repetition interval. 

Using these measurements, the signals were analyzed and the type of broadcast determined. EKT is used to confuse or deceive the radar. They can create a large number of drones on the radar screen, conceal real targets or move them at random. 

In addition, the EKT also has a number of features such as the EKT’s wide instantaneous bandwidth and digital memory, enhancing its ability to cross the enemy radar.

However, analysts also said that it is too early to evaluate the features of the EW system that Turkey creates, it will need to prove itself through the reality of the battlefield.

It is forecasted that in the coming time, Ankara F-16 fighter with EHPOD complex will appear more often near the Russian S-400 deployment location.

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