Turkey began supplying Ukraine with electronic warfare systems to combat missiles and drones.

Turkey supplies Ukraine with electronic warfare systems to combat drones and cruise missiles.

Turkish information resources report that Turkey has organized the supply of electronic countermeasures systems to Ukraine to combat unmanned aerial vehicles and missiles.

According to the Turkish information resource Oryx, in addition to supplying other weapons to Ukraine, Turkey also transferred the Armed Forces of Ukraine and an unnamed number of electronic warfare systems. 

The latter has never been seen on the territory of Ukraine until now. However, given that the range of the EW systems in service with Turkey reaches 70 kilometers, the latter may well be located fairly far from the front.

In addition to stationary electronic warfare systems, it is known that Baykar Tech also transferred to Ukraine electronic warfare modules for Bayraktar TB2 drones, which are still used by the Ukrainian army, but not for strikes, but for reconnaissance and strike adjustment.

Turkey’s regular weapons deliveries to Ukraine indicate that Ankara openly supports Kyiv.

Turkey’s electronic warfare systems 

Turkey has developed several electronic warfare systems in recent years, which are used to disrupt enemy forces’ communications and radar systems. Some of these systems include:

  1. KORAL: This mobile electronic warfare system can jam communication systems, including cell phones and radios.
  2. ASPİLSAN: This system is designed to disrupt the radar systems of enemy aircraft and missiles.
  3. KAT-5: This portable electronic warfare system can jam radio frequencies and disrupt communication systems.
  4. KAT-14: This vehicle-mounted electronic warfare system can disrupt communication and radar systems over a wide area.

Overall, these systems are designed to give Turkey a military advantage by disrupting the ability of enemy forces to communicate and coordinate their actions.

 Turkey has been investing heavily in electronic warfare technology in recent years as it looks to modernize its military and improve its capabilities. 

In addition to the systems I mentioned earlier, Turkey has also developed other electronic warfare technologies, such as the Koral Electronic Support Measures system, which is designed to detect and locate enemy radar systems, and the Koral Electronic Countermeasures system, which is used to jam radar signals.

Turkey has also been developing more advanced electronic warfare systems, including the Koral-E, an upgraded version of the Koral system that can jam a wider range of frequencies and has a longer range.

 The country has also been testing drones for electronic warfare purposes, such as the Bayraktar TB2 drone, equipped with electronic warfare systems to disrupt enemy communication and radar systems.

Overall, Turkey’s electronic warfare capabilities are an important part of its military strategy and are likely to play a key role in any future conflicts.

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