Turkey denies troop withdrawal from Syria

Turkey has stated that it does not intend to negotiate with the “Syrian regime” on withdrawing its troops from the country.

Contrary to the information voiced by the Syrian side that during the negotiations in Moscow, agreements were reached on the withdrawal of the Turkish army from the territory of Syria, Ankara denied this information, emphasizing that Turkey would not negotiate with the “Syrian regime.” Moreover, it is noted that negotiations on this subject were not conducted at all.

According to the Turkish side, the information voiced by the Syrian media is not true since Turkey still does not refuse to conduct a special military operation in the north of the Arab Republic in order to create a security zone 30 kilometers deep. This fact indicates that Ankara is still developing an escalation in the region, however, apparently.

 It is forced to reckon with Russia and the United States, as a result of which it does not dare to start hostilities in the Arab Republic.

The situation in northern Syria remains very tense, as the Turkish side still intends to go for a confrontation, which, for obvious reasons, creates even more tension in the region.

Why turkey has troops in Syria?

Turkey has sent troops into Syria for a number of reasons. One of the primary reasons is to combat terrorism and to prevent terrorist organizations such as ISIS from establishing a presence in Syria. Turkey has also sent troops into Syria to protect its national security and to defend its border. In addition, Turkey has been involved in efforts to try to bring about a political resolution to the conflict in Syria.

Turkey has a long and complex history with Syria, and several factors have driven its involvement in the Syrian conflict.

One of the main reasons for Turkey’s military intervention in Syria has been to combat terrorism.  Turkey has been particularly concerned about the presence of ISIS in Syria and has worked to prevent the group from establishing a foothold in the country. Turkey has also been concerned about other terrorist groups in Syria, such as the Kurdish Workers’ Party (PKK) and its Syrian affiliate, the People’s Protection Units (YPG).

In addition to its efforts to combat terrorism, Turkey has also intervened in Syria to protect its national security and defend its border. Syria’s civil war has displaced millions of Syrians, and many of these refugees have sought shelter in Turkey. 

Turkey has therefore had to deal with the challenge of managing this influx of refugees and the threat of cross-border attacks by various armed groups operating in Syria.

Finally, Turkey has also been involved in efforts to try to bring about a political resolution to the conflict in Syria. It has supported various rebel groups fighting against the Syrian government and has participated in international efforts to negotiate a settlement to the conflict.

Turkey’s involvement in Syria has been driven by a combination of security, humanitarian, and political concerns.

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