Turkey deployed the SUNGUR air defense system at the border with Syria

Turkey deployed air defense systems after Russian helicopters were spotted flying over northern Syria.

There is a significant chance of conflict between Moscow and Ankara in light of Turkey’s military intervention in Syria. Ankara deployed its air defense systems in the territories bordering Syria in response to Russian military aviation beginning to exhibit vigorous activity in the zones Turkey identified as priorities for its attack.

Syrian sources claim we are discussing the most recent Turkish SUNGUR air defense systems. The latter is equipped with four anti-aircraft guided missiles with an 8-kilometer range. However, this poses a serious concern in some places.

Although this is primarily because of ongoing talks with Russia, Turkey has not yet begun an offensive in northern Syria. However, experts point out that Ankara’s placement of air defense systems along the Syrian border is an indication that it is preparing.

About this air defense system

The Sungur turret mounted on a BMC Kiri 44 vehicle, which is in the very last stage of qualifying, was displayed close to the one-third model of the Levent launcher, which can carry 21 missiles. The Sungur is a lock-on-before-launch missile with an infrared imaging seeker with a maximum 8 km range and a maximum altitude of 4 km. It is equipped with a HE partial piercing warhead, has a two-stage solid propellant rocket motor, and can kill objects at a minimum range of 500 meters.

Levent’s model launcher could be seen with the Sungur installed, allowing it to launch two different missiles depending on the target type and intercept range.

It will be interesting to see how capable this new Turkish air defense system is and how Syria and Russia respond to it.

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