Turkey hands over 40 Bayraktar TB2 attack drones to Ukraine

Deliveries to Ukraine of unmanned aerial vehicles Bayraktar TB2 turned out to be very large-scale. As it became known, Turkey provided Ukraine with 40 Bayraktar TB2 attack unmanned aerial vehicles in addition to 12 drones of this type in service with Ukraine. In contrast, it became known about the supply of at least 24 more Bayraktar Mini reconnaissance drones.

According to the data presented, Turkey delivered 20 Bayraktar TB2 drones to Ukraine, sold 15 drones for half the price, and another five were delivered free of charge.

 To date, Ukraine has only six drones of this type. However, due to the effectiveness of Russian air defense systems, the latter is not used for strikes, although they are used to correct attacks.

Among other things, Turkey acknowledged the transfer of 24 Bayraktar Mini reconnaissance drones to Ukraine. The latter is used exclusively for adjusting artillery work and conducting reconnaissance missions. However, how many of these UAVs remained in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine is unknown.

A little earlier, it became known that Turkey sent 42 more BMC. 

Bayraktar TB2 attack Drones.

The Baykar Makina Bayraktar TB2 is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) manufactured in Turkey. In addition to its primary role as an intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance platform, the aircraft can launch a wide variety of air-to-surface strikes.

The TB2 can fly for up to 24 hours at altitudes of 7,500 meters and has a wing span of 16.5 meters. It can collect high-resolution pictures and other intelligence data thanks to its cameras and sensors. 

Offensively, the TB2 can be armed with laser-guided missiles and bombs. The Turkish military has deployed it in several wars, notably the one in Syria and the Nagorno-Karabakh war. It’s been shipped all around the world, from Ukraine to Qatar.

In the 2010s, the Bayraktar TB2 was created and has since become a vital part of the Turkish military’s drone fleet. It is capable of both autonomous and remote-controlled flying, and it can be loaded with a variety of payloads depending on the mission.

The TB2 can do intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance, but it can also attack from the air to the ground using a variety of weapons, such as laser-guided missiles and bombs.

Depending on the cargo and mission profile, it has a maximum range of 150 kilometers and a maximum flight period of 24 hours. The TB2 has played a crucial role in aiding Turkish military operations in multiple conflicts, notably the Syrian Civil War and the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. Additionally, it has been exported to several nations, including Ukraine and Qatar.

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