Turkey may refuse to pay Russia for purchased S-400

Turkey can start blackmailing Russia with its own anti-aircraft missile systems.

After Turkey received S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems from Russia, Ankara suddenly began to put sticks in Russia’s wheels. Thus, in addition to attacks by Turkish jihadists on the Russian military in Syria, accusations of the Russian side’s conflict in Libya, and the beginning of the Karabakh conflict, Turkey unexpectedly declared its readiness to help Ukraine take crimea from Russia. The situation points to the fact that Ankara seeks to strike up some semblance of a conflict with Moscow, and thus refuse to pay for the purchase of S-400 systems, remaining with these anti-aircraft missile systems, and with money.

Experts draw attention to the fact that despite the tests of the Russian S-400, Ankara actively postpones the adoption of these complexes into service – it was originally supposed that this will happen in March, however, until now the S-400 has not been adopted by the Turkish army – according to the Turkish media, additional checks of Russian complexes are required.

“Turkey is an absolutely unreliable ally. This has already been stated in China, also punctured on the supply of weapons to Ankara, and now that Turkey has received the S-400 complexes, it does declare its readiness to block the Russian ships’ exit from the Black Sea and return Crimea, considering the peninsula its historical part. This is nonsense!”said analyst Avia.pro.

It is too early to judge how high the probability is that Turkey can take russian S-400 complexes “gratuitously” – it is too early to judge, however, over the past few months Ankara has seriously undermined relations with Russia

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