Turkey reveals the ability to detect and attack the F-35 with the help of the Russian S-400 missile system

Turkey claims to have successfully destroyed three US F-35s with the help of Turkey claims to have successfully destroyed three US F-35s from the Russian S-400 system the Russian S-400 system.

The Turkish military reports that previously purchased S-400 air defense systems from Russia can successfully detect and destroy at least three US F-35 fifth-generation fighters.

The F-35s are said to have flown at a distance of several hundred kilometers away from the Turkish border, however, this did not prevent the detection of stealthy American-made fighters.

“The Turkish S-400 air defence missile system deployed in the Mediterranean Sea has continuously detected signals from NATO F-35 fighters. the final result of the confrontation was that 3 out of 3 times were successfully “intercepted” by S-400.

analysts note that the ability to detect traces from the F-35 fighter of the S-400 air defence system has always been the subject of discussion of military experts from other countries.

In the future, if the F-35 stealth fighter continues to be detected by the S-400, then NATO’s strategies need to be adjusted to not be exposed to the attack,” the press quoted the Turkish military as saying. Turkey, said.

In fact, Turkey has confirmed the capability of the Russian S-400 against US fifth generation fighters, which will force the US to abandon the use of these fighters in the future. S-400 deployment areas, not to mention the fact that Russian-made missiles will seriously damage the reputation of US fighters in particular and the Pentagon in general.

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