Turkey wants to buy more S-400 air defence systems from Russia

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on September 26 that his country wanted to buy more S-400 air defence missile systems from Russia, despite warnings from the US.

Turkish President Erdogan confirmed that he had no plans to cancel the second order to buy the S-400 system from Russia. whatever defence we buy, from any country or level… No one can interfere. We are the only ones who can make the decisions.”

Previously, in response to Turkey’s purchase of Russia’s S-400 air defence missile system, in December 2020, the United States excluded Turkey from the F-35 stealth fighter project. two years ago, while imposing sanctions on the leadership of the Turkish defence industry.

The US considers the S-400 system a threat to the F-35 fighter jet and NATO defence systems in general.

Turkey has criticized the above “unfair” move of the US and stated that Washington’s unilateral step does not comply with the spirit of NATO. Last week, President Erdogan said the direction of the relationship between the two allies in the NATO military alliance is currently “not very promising”. However, Mr Erdogan insisted that he “wants to have friendly, not hostile” relations with the United States.

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