Turkey wants to copy Russian S-400s due to Russia’s refusal to transfer technology

Turkey wants to copy the Russian S-400s and produce long-range air defense systems itself.

The Turkish military plans to copy the Russian S-400 air defense system to develop their own weapons. Such information appeared after it became known about Russia’s refusal to provide Ankara with the technology of this weapon, and the United States refused to remove sanctions from Turkey for the acquisition of Russian S-400 complexes and return this country to the F-35 fighter program.

Turkish observers offer Turkey to independently create its own air defense systems based on the Russian S-400 Triumph air defense systems, and this is not the first time that Ankara has seen this happen, in particular, earlier Turkey tried to copy Chinese technologies, in response to which Beijing said on the complete cessation of interaction with Turkey in any industrial and military spheres.

Russian S-400
s-400 air defence system

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At the same time, the Russian complexes are quite well protected – any interference in their work will lead to the fact that these air defense systems will lose their capabilities and can no longer be used to perform the assigned tasks, however, the Turkish military may try to copy some of the features of the Russian air defense systems. which cannot but cause concern.

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