Two huge weapon systems give Russia a great advantage over the US-NATO

In the event of a conflict between Russia and the US-NATO, Moscow’s two massive weapons systems are forecast to give the country a great advantage.

Russia is preparing to deploy two massive weapons systems, which could cause a lot of problems for the US military and its NATO allies, Chinese military experts say.

In recent times, Moscow feels increasingly threatened by pressure from the NATO military bloc, which will deploy a large number of troops on the western border of the Russian Federation.

Moreover, the former German defense minister did not rule out the possibility of using nuclear weapons against Russia. According to the Chinese newspaper Baijiahao, the North Atlantic Alliance is likely to regret its aggressive behavior.

“Russia alone against 30 countries, but they already have the answer ready. The Russian Federation will develop two giant combat systems, and with these weapons complexes, NATO will be defeated in 24 hours,” Baijiahao military analysts said.

The Chinese magazine notes that Russia is developing a large number of advanced weapons, of which two combat systems stand out above the rest.

Both of these weapons were enormous in size compared to the others and posed a great danger to any adversary of the Russian Federation. There is no similar product in the arsenal of the US Army and its NATO partners, and hardly even a competitor appears in the near future.

The first weapon is the Poseidon unmanned underwater vehicle, which is a giant torpedo equipped with a nuclear reactor. In theory, this unmanned submarine has an unlimited range, it can hide on the bottom of any ocean for months and after receiving the activation command, it will rush to the shore of the enemy.

This weapon is equipped with a powerful thermonuclear warhead with an explosive equivalent of about 2 MT, which is more than enough to cause irreparable damage to the enemy through an “Atomic Tsunami”.

“Poseidon is capable of destroying an entire major coastal city of the United States,” analysts at the Chinese newspaper said.

The second giant weapon of the Russian Army is the Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile. Russia’s latest ICBM system has a range of 18,000 km and carries 10 to 15 warheads. Just one missile is enough to wipe out a large US state like Texas.

“Sarmat can use 10 heavy warheads or 15 medium warheads. Each of these warheads can hit a separate target,” experts from China said.

Russia is currently facing dozens of unfriendly countries, and any other country in their position could have to quickly raise a white flag.

However, in the case of the Russian Federation, things are somewhat different – if the Western countries led by the United States decide to attack, the war could end in 24 hours. The invaders will be defeated by Moscow with the help of these combat systems mentioned by Chinese media.’

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