Two Russian warships carrying 16 Kalibr missiles spotted off the coast of Romania

Two Russian warships of Project 22160 patrol ship equipped with 16 calibr cruise missiles have been spotted not far from the territorial waters of Romania.

The Sentinel 2 spacecraft and the workers of the gas production platform noticed two Russian warships of project 22160 not far from the territorial waters of Romania. Two warships are capable of carrying up to 16 Caliber cruise missiles or Kh-35, while on board an TOR-M2K was seen on one patrol ship, and a helicopter (presumably Ka-27) was seen on board the second.

According to the Ministry of National Defense, the presence of Russians in the exclusive economic zone of Romania has been signaled several times since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, even if Russian ships are banned in Romanian ports.

The appearance of two Russian warships in this area of ​​the Black Sea came as a very big surprise, while the purpose of the presence of ships carrying tactical missiles on board has not yet been disclosed, however, apparently, Russian warships could monitor the ships NATO and record the activity of reconnaissance and combat aviation of the Western military bloc.

Judging by the satellite image, a group of two Russian warships was moving eastward, however, at the moment, the route of movement of the ships remains unknown, because due to high cloudiness it was not possible to determine their current location after June 13, 2022. At the same time, it is possible that Russian ships could patrol the waters near Zmeiny Island, however, due to the inability to track the previous location of the ships, it is still impossible to say for sure about this.

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