U.S. military aircraft circumvented the island to provoke, and the Chinese People’s Liberation Army dispatches J-16 fighter jets

The U.S. Navy launched a P-8A Sea King maritime anti-submarine patrol aircraft on August 12 and launched a provocative operation across the strait. Unlike the previous “close reconnaissance” operations, the P-8A Sea King maritime anti-submarine patrol aircraft that day only The mission was to fly around the island. The purpose of this mission was to show the presence of the US military. According to air traffic control information, the U.S. Navy’s P-8A Sea King maritime anti-submarine patrol aircraft came from the Kadena base in Ryukyu. After taking off, it crossed the Miyako Strait and entered the East China Sea. The base of Tuna is by crossing the Bashi Strait. While the U.S. Navy’s P-8A provoked, the U.S. Navy also dispatched an EP-3E Aries electronic reconnaissance plane to cooperate.

While the U.S. Navy used the P-8A to initiate provocations, the People’s Liberation Army launched a routine battle patrol west of the Bashi Channel. According to foreign media reports, the People’s Liberation Army dispatched 4 J-16s in addition to the Yun-8. Fighters participate in battle patrol operations. The PLA has clearly stated its attitude when dispatching J-16 fighter jets. If the US Navy dared to cross the red line, the PLA would not be polite. The People’s Liberation Army’s J-16 fighter jets are capable of both air combat and ground/sea attack. The South China Sea carries out so-called “free navigation” military operations.

The U.S. Air Force deployed F-15C/D fighter jets at Kadena Base in Ryukyu. Compared with the People’s Liberation Army’s J-16 fighter jets, the U.S. Air Force’s F-15C/D fighter jets do not have an advantage because the F-15C/D is a model. The fighter jets developed in the last century have been improved and replaced with active phased array radars. However, compared with the J-16 fighter, the gap is still quite obvious. F-15C/D fighters are notoriously short legs. Without the cooperation of aerial tankers, they would not have the capability of long-range raids. Therefore, they are also unable to deal with F-16 fighter jets. The PLA has its confidence.

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