UK believes that with this missile F-35B can defeat Russian S-400

With the Spear 3 cruise missile, the British F-35 stealth fighter can attack and disable many different targets.

On January 6, the British Ministry of Defense has signed a contract worth $ 550 million to buy Spear 3 cruise missiles for 5th generation fighter aircraft F-35B. It is not clear how many missiles were in the deal, but British military sources revealed that the contract will be completed in 2025.

SPEAR 3 cruise missile
SPEAR 3 cruise missile

“The F-35 pilot has a 360-degree field of view during the exercise. He will launch a missile from a long distance, aircraft using the most advanced missiles such as Meteor, Spear and ASRAAM, as well as missiles. future supersonic.The British military said that, with the ultimate stealth technology along with three advanced weapons equipped, the F-35 can completely defeat the advanced air defense system like the S-400. Russian deployment in Syria.

The F-35 can easily take down the S-400 system, as well as high-speed cruise missiles that fly at low altitudes because the aircraft is equipped with the world’s most powerful radar, “the source said.

Royal Navy F-35B Lightning fighter aircraft
Royal Navy F-35B Lightning fighter aircraft

But the surprise of the three mentioned weapons that can be used to destroy the S-400 from the ground are the Meteor and ASRAAM missiles. These are two lines of long-range and short-range air-to-air missiles. But dealing with ground targets is almost impossible with these weapons.

Therefore, to attack the S-400 right from the start can only be Spear. This is a missile that is believed to be able to deal with the S-400 or any Russian air defense system from a sudden distance because it is capable of deceiving enemy air defenses. 

The use of such missiles would facilitate the infiltration of generation 5 fighters into airspace controlled by enemy missile and air defense systems. In particular, the Spear-EW is said to be particularly effective against a Russian-made self-propelled anti-aircraft missile complex.

“By connecting Spear in full network mode, cruise missiles can act like a swarm of bees, disrupting critical parts of the enemy air defense network.”

For example, Spear can deceive or block an enemy’s threat source, while some other missiles will seek and destroy not only the source but also all nearby missile defense components, “the source said.

In theory, if the Spear works as stated, when combined with the F-35, this pair of weapons is really a nightmare for any target even if it is the S-400. Because this Russian-made air defense system can only detect stealth targets at a distance of no more than 70km.

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