Ukraine army captured a rare newly inducted Russian Army VPK-Ural armored vehicle

This VPK-Ural or AMN-590951 armored vehicle was first presented a few months ago at the “Army 2022” expo.

The Defense Forces of Ukraine captured the Russian multi-purpose armored car AMN-590951 during the battles in the Kherson region. The photo of the captured vehicle was published on several users in thier Twitter account.

 We are talking about the “VPK-Ural”, or the armored car for special purposes 590951. It is based on the chassis of the Ural-53099 armored car, while receiving a load-bearing body. The car became the development of another armored car – VPK-59095S “VPK-Ural”, first shown back in 2019. And if the progenitor was created more as an export development, then the special-purpose armored car 590951 (or AMN-590951) is already for the Russian army.

A few details about this car – in fact, AMN-590951 is an advanced armored vehicle “VPK-Ural” based on the Ural-5309 chassis. For the first time, the updated car was presented at the “Army” forum in 2022.

It is known that the modernized machine received additional engine protection, as well as a protected turret with a large-caliber Kord machine gun. These updates “take into account the experience of using wheeled vehicles in armed conflicts.”

The total weight of the car is 14,500 kg, the armored car can carry up to nine people. The maximum speed on the highway is more than 100 km/h, the range is 1000 km.

Currently, there are not many such “modernized” machines in the Russian army – as noted in Ukraine Weapons Tracker, several such machines were transferred to the Russian army. All of them are probably currently being used by Russian enemies in Ukraine.

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