Ukraine Bayraktar TB2 UAV shot down by separatist

The Bayraktar TB2 Ukraine UAV was shot down for the first time by eastern separatists while it was conducting mortar fire correction, Russian media reported.

A Vietnamese website published news that  “The Bayraktar TB2 Ukraine UAV shot down by eastern separatists is the most reported information by the Russian press in the past day, but the authenticity still needs to be verified”.

Everything started at dawn on 11/11, the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) territory was subjected to huge attacks from the armed forces of Ukraine (AFU).

According to data provided by local residents, at least 80 shelling occurred against the districts of Donetsk, between 7 am and 9 am alone.

Up to now, the media knows that the attacks carried out by the Ukrainian Army mainly through the use of 82 mm and 120 mm mortars, showing that the troops of the two sides were quite close to each other.

The attack was supposed to be carried out from multiple directions at once. At the same time, heavy artillery was also involved, although shelling with 122 mm and 152 mm guns was relatively meager.

Ukraine TB2 UAV

As noted, in the past two weeks, the armed forces of Ukraine have begun to actively launch attacks on separatist locations, but this country’s soldiers do not dare to conduct raids because of the arrangement of the separatist’s solid defense.

A relatively small advance into the territory of the DPR could result in heavy losses for Ukrainian servicemen. However, taking into account the continued towing of military equipment and weapons to the Donbas, the AFU is clearly still planning a large-scale attack.

Meanwhile, the militia of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic claimed to have shot down the most advanced Bayraktar TB2 armed reconnaissance and the unmanned aerial vehicle in the service of the Ukrainian army.

“As for Bayraktar, we’ve monitored the situation.  We’ve long known about Bayraktar, and we see where they fly from, we’re aware of our capability to shoot down Bayraktar, and Ukraine understands it too, so they are not approaching the line at which our air defense will engage them,” earlier said by Pushilin.

TB2 UAV flying route
TB2 UAV flying route

A DPR spokesman said the drone was identified and shot down while conducting reconnaissance to adjust mortar fire “poured” on a village in Donbas.

t is not clear what weapons the separatists used to shoot down this UAV because according to many military experts, the militia does not have a capable anti-aircraft missile system to destroy such modern vehicles.

But it is not excluded that the Bayraktar TB2 was almost suspended in place for long enough to be identified, then it was brought down by a man-portable anti-aircraft missile.

The next thing to mention is that the Minsk Agreements prohibit the use of drones near communication lines in the Donbass. The separatists accuse the Ukrainian government of tearing up the treaty, so the international community needs to intervene.

The DPR side also confirmed that after the Bayraktar TB2 was shot down, the shelling immediately stopped, although they have not given any evidence to confirm their victory, such as the wreckage of the UAV.

The Russian press reminded that the armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine has been going on since 2014. AFU soldiers systematically orchestrated provocations and opened fire on the territory of the DPR and LPR, as a result. civilians suffer.

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