Ukraine captured 3 secret Russian weapons and the US is highly interested

The Russian army in Kharkiv withdrew too quickly, did not have time to destroy their weapons and the Ukrainian army seized the 3 most valuable Russian weapons, and Americans are very interested in these weapons.

According to the Ukrainian Defense Journal, on the Kharkiv front, the Russian troops retreated too quickly, leading to the loss of many weapons and equipment belonging to state secrets. From the artillery reconnaissance radar to the latest self-propelled artillery, which has already fallen into the hands of the Ukrainian Army; in which there are 3 important weapons:

SAP518SM ‘Regata’ jamming pod

The first is the latest electronic countermeasure system of the Russian Su-30SM fighter on the wreckage of a Su-30SM fighter plane that was shot down on the Kharkiv battlefield but was abandoned at the scene.

Fortunately for the Ukrainian military, they found an SAP-518SM “Regata” electronic jammer pod still intact in the wreckage of the Su-30SM.

SAP-518SM 'Regata' jamming pod of Su-30SM
SAP-518SM ‘Regata’ jamming pod of Su-30SM

The Ukrainian Defense Magazine said that the latest version of the SAP-518 electronic jamming complex, which has only been equipped for the Russian army since 2018, has no export records; This is one of the newest weapon of the Russian army.

This jamming pod, capable of protecting the Russian Su-30 fighter jet from enemy air defenses and surface-to-air missile systems, can even prevent the guidance of missiles in flight. Military experts say that this system significantly improves the survivability of Russian fighters.

The electronic warfare system consists of two barrels hanging at the ends of the wings, one is a receiver for measuring electromagnetic wave frequencies, and the other has a digital radio frequency storage function and a device emit an interfering signal.

The role of these electronic warfare tanks is to provide defense for fighter aircraft and to jam enemy air-to-air missiles; jamming anti-aircraft radar when performing ground attack missions, creating false targets, and misleading enemy air defense forces.

This radar covers the NATO GJ band. The SAP-518 pod allows one to select the most dangerous targets and implement effective electronic countermeasures to build the best option.

The device uses so-called digital radio frequency memory (DRFM) technology. The multichannel storage device is capable of receiving and storing hundreds of radio frequency samples of Ukrainian and NATO air defense systems.

American intelligence agencies are very interested in this tech; During the Russo-Ukrainian conflict, the Russian military used a variety of electronic warfare systems. In the future, the United States will most likely approach Russia in the field of electronic and electromagnetic warfare and basically, all will be clear.

2S19M2 Msta-SM2 self-propelled howitzers

Another new weapon was also seized by the Ukrainian Army, which is the most advanced 152mm 2S19M2 self-propelled howitzer in the Russian Army, and the Russian Army currently has just over a dozen in service.

Ukrainian soldiers with captured Russian 2S19M2 Msta-SM2 self-propelled howitzers
Ukrainian soldiers with captured Russian 2S19M2 Msta-SM2 self-propelled howitzers

The 2S19M2 Howitzer is equipped with a new digital map, fire control system, and computer, so it can react flexibly and quickly, through connection with unmanned aerial vehicles, navigation systems, forward surveillance, and automatic command system.

According to the Russian website “Izvestia”, in November 2020, the Russian army began to equip the first self-propelled gun 2S19M2 Msta-SM; It is expected that the 2S19M2 howitzer will be delivered to the Russian Army within one to two years.

This type of howitzer has greatly increased the rate of fire and is capable of firing multiple shots with different angles of fire at a target, causing bullets to fall at the same time.

Therefore, this latest self-propelled artillery, which was only equipped in 2021, has now become a feat of the Ukrainian army; It is estimated that it will soon be brought to the US and Germany for testing and research.

Artillery Reconnaissance Radar

During this retreat, the Russian army also left behind an important set of weapons, which is an artillery reconnaissance radar.

In 2019, the Russian military began to receive an upgraded version of the artillery reconnaissance radar. This radar uses a new central processing system, which can handle 70 targets per minute; automatically search, track and compensate for incoming artillery and missile shells, using noise compensation algorithms, which improve coordinates, target detection, and highly accurate identification.

At the same time, the radar computer can calculate the exact position of the enemy artillery in 15-20 seconds and can guide the artillery to counterattack.

The Ukrainian army captured a damaged Russian R-149AKSh-1 command and signals vehicle
The Ukrainian army captured a damaged Russian R-149AKSh-1 command and signals vehicle

The radar is also capable of controlling multiple UAVs at the same time and receiving images and coordinates of the UAVs in real time. The location of the UAV is automatically and accurately displayed on the operator’s screen.

This artillery reconnaissance radar can also be used as a forward area air traffic control radar, monitoring specific areas and relaying information to a central control tower.

And now, the advantages and disadvantages of Russian artillery reconnaissance radar will be studied by the Ukrainians and even the Americans.

Compare that to the old armored vehicles abandoned by the Russian military, or the 100mm anti-tank guns, 9K33 Osa air defence system, and 80s military trucks. The three equipment captured by Ukraine are the most valuable compare to other equipment previously captured by them.

Russia and Ukraine jointly inherited the quintessence of the Soviet defense industry. The withdrawal of the Russian Army was too quickly left many modern weapons and equipment in the hands of Ukraine and with its capabilities, plus the help of NATO experts, the Ukrainian Army will soon “decode” the problems of these weapons and can take effective countermeasures.

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