Ukraine destroyed Russia most advanced T-90M tank

On May 4, the Ukrainian army released a video showing that the most advanced tank of the Russian army T-90M was destroyed by a drone on the battlefield in Kharkiv.

It is worth noting that T-90M tank is currently the most advanced model available to the Russian army (T-14 “Amata” tank not operationl). At present, only two units of the Russian army are equipped with this latest tank, both of which are arranged on the front line of Kharkiv. From the perspective of early performance, its performance is still powerful. Last week, it also annihilated a Ukrainian tank and armored formation.

This is the moment Ukrainian troops destroy one of Russia’s most advanced tanks which are protected by special reactive armour.

The armour on the T-90M is designed to explode when hit reducing the penetrative power of an incoming round.  The tank is also protected with a automated defence system which fires smoke grenades when it is ‘painted’ by a laser beam used by an incoming missile.

However, the Ukrainian military released drone footage of a Russian armored unit which resulted in the destruction of the £4million tank as well as a thermobaric multiple rocket system.

The Ukrainian military said the attacks took place in the north-eastern Ukrainian region of Kharkiv Oblast.

Intelligence officers identified clusters of Russian equipment and coordinated with ground troops to mount a series of attacks, reportedly destroying two tanks and two MTLB (Russian transport vehicles).

The Command of the Special Operations Forces (SSO) of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) said Monday: ‘The Resistance Movement of the SSO of Ukraine is working.

‘In the Kharkiv region, during reconnaissance operations, our soldiers discovered clusters of enemy equipment, including heavy armoured and lightly armoured vehicles.’

They added: ‘An hour after the priority targets for the strike were determined, soldiers of the Resistance Movement coordinated a unit of one of the artillery brigades and adjusted the fire on enemy targets.

Russian army T-90M tank after hit by ATGM
Russian army T-90M tank after hit by ATGM

‘As a result of joint work of soldiers of the Defence Forces of Ukraine, the losses of the Russians amounted to: T-90 tank – destroyed. T-80BVM tank – destroyed. MTLB – destroyed. MTLB – damaged.’

Ukraine believes Russia has so far lost 23,800 troops in the ten weeks since their invasion.

The Ukrainian military also claims that Russia has lost 1,048 battle tanks, 2,519 combat armoured vehicles, 459 artillery systems, 152 MLR systems, 80 anti-aircraft systems, 194 warplanes, 155 helicopters, 1,824 vehicles, 8 vessels, 76 fuel tank trucks, 271 operational-tactical level UAVs, 38 units of special equipment, and four mobile SRBM systems.

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