Ukraine has become the most mined country in the world.

In less than a year, Ukraine has become the most mined country in the world.

At the moment, about 40% of the territory is mined in Ukraine. We are talking about finding anti-personnel and anti-tank mines and various types of ammunition, including unexploded ones. The eastern part of Ukraine, where the most intense clashes are currently occurring, is mined to the greatest extent. However, a difficult situation remains in the territories of other regions of Ukraine.

The number of unexploded ordnance, mines, and explosive objects in Ukraine is estimated at millions of units. Demining such a large area can take not only years but even decades. 

However, due to the fact that the conflict continues and may continue throughout the current and even next year, the rate of mine coverage of the territory may increase even more.

It is known that in those regions of Ukraine that are the most remote from the line of contact, work related to mine clearance is already underway. However, the presence of explosive objects is recorded in all regions.

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