Ukraine is out of attack drone: Another Ukrainian Bayraktar TB2 drone shot down by Russia

Another Turkish made attack drone Bayraktar TB2 shot down in southern Ukraine by Russian air defence system

The day before, the Russian military managed to successfully destroy another Bayraktar TB2 strike and reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle. The source claims that the drone was successfully destroyed in southern Ukraine while trying to correct artillery strikes on targets in the Kherson region.

On the video footage obtained by the Defence view news agency, you can see the wreckage of the Bayraktar TB2 unmanned aerial vehicle with registration number 29. This suggests that we are really talking about another destroyed drone, since drones with similar numbers have not been seen before. As a result of an accurate hit by an anti-aircraft guided missile in the drone, the aircraft was successfully destroyed – the striking elements left the strike and reconnaissance drone absolutely no chance of surviving.

At the moment, unofficial sources report that the unmanned aerial vehicle performed the function of reconnaissance and was supposed to correct the firing of Ukrainian artillery. However, due to the fact that the drone rose to a high altitude, it was instantly detected and successfully destroyed.

According to some sources currently, Ukraine no longer has attack drones.

Despite the active deliveries of attack drones to Ukraine, including the transfer of Turkish Bayraktar TB2 strike and reconnaissance UAVs, it became known that absolutely all attack drones of the Ukrainian military were disabled or completely destroyed. Information on this subject was voiced by the Russian military, noting that the Armed Forces of Ukraine can no longer carry out attacks using drones.

As follows from the statement of the Russian military, the use of attack drones by the Ukrainian side has not been observed for a very long time, and the drones currently used are reconnaissance, however, they are quickly destroyed.

“At this stage of the operation, we are working on reconnaissance UAVs, such as Leleka, Fury. Despite their small size, we also destroy them. <…> The enemy has been using mainly reconnaissance ones (drones – ed.), since he has no strike drones left , ”said the Russian serviceman, commenting on the current situation.

To date, indeed, for a very long time, the use of attack unmanned aerial vehicles by the Ukrainian military has not been observed, although earlier such UAVs were actively used to carry out attacks.

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