Ukraine left an “unexpected gift” for China on the aircraft carrier “Varyag”

The Chinese edition of Sohu told about the incident, which occurred during the transfer of the aircraft carrier “Varyag” into the hands of the People’s Republic of China. At the same time, the publication reminded that with the collapse of the Soviet Union Ukraine got a huge amount of weapons, as well as almost completed cruiser “Varyag.” The desire of Ukraine to get rid of the cruiser chinese explained the banal lack of funds in order to complete it.

At the same time, the publication emphasized that the transfer of “Varyag” was accompanied by a series of difficulties. The West did not want Ukraine to hand over the cruiser to the People’s Republic of China and tried to make sure that this deal “did not burn out”. In turn, the Ukrainian side began to hint that it would give the Chinese the cruiser only after destroying the ship’s turbine and its blueprints.

But the deal still made and the ship was delivered to China. The Chinese themselves, expecting that Ukraine will keep its word and destroy the technical nodes of the cruiser, were extremely surprised by what they saw when opening the hatches. According to Sohu, Ukraine left China an “unexpected gift” on the cruiser “Varyag.” This “gift” turned out to be untouched technical nodes, as well as all the necessary documentation to them.

After that, the ship was brought to mind in China and it became the pride of the Chinese fleet. At the same time, it was named “Liaoning” and at the moment continues to serve. In conclusion, Sohu noted that China was very lucky to receive such a ship for very modest money.

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