Ukraine secretly purchased 1400 drones that can be turned into kamikaze drones.

Ukraine has found an unknown supplier of reconnaissance-type unmanned aerial vehicles, which are supposed to be upgraded and turned into kamikaze drones. Drones are supposed to be used in two versions – as UAVs for attacking ground targets and as UAVs for hitting air targets; in particular, we are talking about drones to fight drones.

At the moment, there is information that Taiwan supplied drones for the needs of Ukraine. We are talking about small, unobtrusive drones capable of flying at distances of up to 60 kilometers when controlled by an operator or up to 100 kilometers when flying in automatic mode.

 Judging by the size of the drones, the drones will be able to carry a small charge. However, Kyiv intends to rely on a swarm of drones, which are very difficult to detect with air defense systems. Moreover, due to regular strikes by kamikaze drones, Ukraine plans to convert the UAV into an anti-drone weapon by targeting and detonating kamikaze drones in their immediate vicinity.

The appearance of 1400 drones in Ukraine can become a serious problem, especially for areas with no effective air defense cover.

Kamikaze drones, also known as suicide drones, are unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) designed to crash into a target, intentionally causing damage or destruction. These drones are often used for military or terrorist purposes, as they can be difficult to detect and intercept.

Kamikaze drones can be equipped with a variety of payloads, including explosives, incendiary devices, or toxic chemicals. They can be launched from the ground or other aircraft and remotely controlled or programmed to follow a predetermined flight path.

Using kamikaze drones raises significant ethical and legal concerns, as they can cause indiscriminate harm to civilians and property. There are also technical challenges associated with developing and deploying these types of drones, as they must be able to navigate to the target and maintain a stable flight path despite being damaged or experiencing other types of interference.

What are the Capabilities of Kamikaze Drones?

The capabilities of kamikaze drones depend on the specific design and payload of the drone. Some common capabilities of these types of drones include the following:

  1. Stealth: Kamikaze drones can be designed to be small and lightweight, making them difficult to detect with radar or other sensors. They may also have low-reflectivity coatings or other features to make them difficult to spot visually.
  2. Autonomy: Kamikaze drones may be equipped with autonomous navigation systems that allow them to fly to a target without the need for human intervention. This can make them difficult to intercept or disable.
  3. Payload delivery: Kamikaze drones can carry a variety of payloads, including explosives, incendiary devices, or toxic chemicals. The size and type of payload will depend on the intended target and the desired level of destruction.
  4. Range: The range of a kamikaze drone will depend on its size, power source, and aerodynamic design. Some drones may be able to fly for long distances, while others may have a shorter range.
  5. Persistence: Kamikaze drones may be designed to fly for a long time, allowing them to pursue a target or wait for an opportunity to attack. This can make them difficult to intercept or disable before they reach their target.


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