Ukraine struck Russian military hideout, destroyed more than 20 equipment

Commercial satellite discovered a warehouse with destroyed military equipment in the Kharkiv region.

A few hours ago, commercial satellite captured a destroyed hangar with military equipment on the territory of the village of Kazachya Lopan, Kharkiv region. As it became known, a week ago the hangar was in good condition, which indicates that the strikes were made several days ago.

In the presented satellite image, you can see the hangar completely destroyed by strikes and fire. The latter is located on the territory of a local poultry farm. Moreover, it is noteworthy that through the completely burned-out roof of the hangar, you can see about 20 units of various types of destroyed military equipment. In particular, we are talking about army trucks, armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles and even tanks.

It is noteworthy that, judging by the location of military equipment, at the time of the strikes, they tried to withdraw it from the territory of the hangar, however, probably due to a severe fire, military vehicles and army trucks were simply abandoned.

Judging by looking at the photo published by Ukraine media more than 20 tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers and military trucks were hidden in the hangar. After the strike all equipment were destroyed successfully.

At the moment, it remains unknown how exactly the strikes were delivered, however, experts believe that artillery would be the most effective means of destruction.

Currently, now there is no strong evidence of which site was that, but according to some Ukrainian media sources, it was a Russian army ammunition depot located in Kozachaya Lopana (which they had captured and controlled since February 24).

The location of Russian ammo depot was revealed by Russian media itself on Telegram after this statement, Ukrainian artillerymen struck the poultry farm. Thus, thanks to Russian media, ammunition depots and equipment were successfully liquidated reported by Ukrainian media

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