Ukraine was the largest bombing! The Russian army launched more than 100 missiles and destroyed more than 30 targets. 

Today’s world is entering an eventful season, with major events happening one after another. Recently, such as “stray balloons” and the Middle East earthquake have attracted global public opinion’s attention.

 However, the ongoing hot spot is still the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The biggest feature of this conflict is that it is getting more intense, and there are signs of escalation and even expansion of the battlefield. 

The Russian and Ukrainian armies continue to exchange fire every day. In the eastern part of Ukraine, a decisive battle is imminent. The Russian army has just launched a large-scale missile attack on the territory of Ukraine.

According to a report on Avia. Pro website on February 10, it was reported that a large area of ​​Ukraine was attacked by Russian missiles earlier in the day. The Ukrainian air defense forces counterattacked and intercepted some of the incoming missiles, but the interception. The rate is only about 25%, and most of the missiles still hit the target. 

This missile attack mainly came from the direction of the Black Sea. The missile system used by the Russian army this time has excellent performance and can change the flight trajectory in the air, which blinds the Western aid air defense system used by Ukraine.

 It is reported that the specific number of missiles launched by the Russian army is difficult to count. We only know that there are too many missiles, more than 100, and more than 30 targets in Ukraine were destroyed.

This missile attack is different from the recent Russian army’s ground-based attack style, which has attracted great attention from the Western media. On the 10th, the British Sky News Network also disclosed that the Ukrainian military confirmed that the Russian army launched a round of large-scale air strikes on Friday of this week. 

In this operation, the Russian army first dispatched drones to launch the attack, learned the precise location of the important Ukrainian facilities, and then used many missiles to launch an intensive attack. For a while, the air defense system of the Ukrainian armed forces was almost like a rain of bullets.

 If the sieve is broken, it will be full of loopholes and become useless. The Ukrainian Air Force reported that in the Kharkiv and Zaporizhzhia regions alone, the Russian army launched about 35 S-300 missiles and 6 “caliber” cruise missiles, and some important cities and key facilities immediately became trapped. Sea ​​of ​​flames.

After the Russian attack started, there was a lot of momentum, especially in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, which became an important target of the attack, and the sound of huge explosions continued. Even Odesa, far south of Ukraine, was attacked. 

The governor of the state, Maxim Marchenko, panicked and claimed that the Russian military planes and ships at sea fired missiles simultaneously, and the air raid sirens must be sounded at all times. , urging people to take cover. The spokesperson of the Ukrainian Air Force also admitted that the interception effect of the Ukrainian air defense system was very poor. It only intercepted 6 “caliber” missiles and shot down five drones.

Although the Russian army’s missile attack has a wide range of attack areas, the attack is very focused. The Russian media TASS also made a follow-up report, saying that Ukraine’s energy infrastructure is still the priority target in the Russian air strike. For example, the Kryvyi Rih district, where the Dnepropetrovsk region is located, has an energy base that has received key “care” from the Russian army. 

On Friday night, the Southern Combat Command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces had to admit on social media that with the Russian attack, the energy infrastructure in the area launched an explosion and caused a raging fire so that it was completely destroyed.

After fighting for so long, the Russian army has become more and more experienced on the battlefield. For example, this missile attack is very particular about tactics. The Avia. Pro website deliberately broke the news on the 10th that the Russian army launched a large number of missiles this time, a large number, but they were divided into three waves. 

The purpose of the damage is to attract the attention of the Ukrainian air defense system and consume the Ukrainian limited air defense missiles, and then the next two waves of attacks will hit various targets in Ukraine ruthlessly and accurately. 

It is reported that Vinny, No matter how far or near, all cities and facilities listed as key targets by the Russian army have been re-cleaned by artillery fire again. 

In addition, the Russian army should have used electronic warfare tactics. Before the attack, it used related technologies to silence the Ukrainian radio so that the Ukrainian side would not be aware of it. The Russian missiles penetrated far into Ukrainian territory, and the Ukrainian air defense system was alerted. 

For this attack on Ukraine, not only did missiles play a big role but drones’ exploits should not be underestimated. The Avia. Pro website reported on the 10th that the Russian military’s “Geranium-2” drone performed very well this time. For example, it played a huge role in the attack on Ukraine’s largest thermal power plant, the Kharkiv Thermal Power Plant effect.

 A number of drones approached the thermal power plant silently and quickly and then immediately launched a rapid attack. The equipment room and other facilities of the thermal power plant were quickly reduced to ruins. Of course, Ukraine today has been completely disabled, and it cannot repair the infrastructure severely damaged by the Russian army.

Now that Zelensky is still asking for advanced weapons such as fighter jets in Europe, the Russian army chose to launch a large-scale air strike at this moment. Obviously, the first is to destroy Ukraine’s important facilities and Ukrainian war resources again, and the second is to show Europe Look, let Europe understand that no amount of military aid to Ukraine will change the fate of failure.

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