Ukrainian Armed Forces transferred long-range artillery and additional HIMARS to the border of Belarus. 

Ukrainian troops are deploying additional HIMARS and long-range self-propelled guns on the border with Belarus.

Ukraine unexpectedly began to deploy additional HIMARS systems and long-range artillery on the border with Belarus. It is very problematic to estimate the exact number of additional HIMARS systems. However, it is reported that two batteries of these missile systems (8 launchers – ed.) were allocated for these purposes and are being deployed in northern Ukraine.

 Here, additional self-propelled artillery mounts are being deployed, including rapid-fire German self-propelled guns PzH 2000.

Information about the deployment of additional Ukrainian troops on the border with Belarus appeared a few days ago; however, this afternoon, British diplomats confirmed the deployment of additional units of the Ukrainian army on the border with Belarus.

The deployment of 8 HIMARS MLRS launchers on the border with Belarus can lead to the creation of severe tension since the existing air defense systems of Belarus are completely unsuitable for repelling such strikes, while taking into account the range of the American HIMARS MLRS, a number of large military facilities, for example, a military airfield in area n.p. Zyabrovka, the Gomel airport, the military airfield in Luninets, as well as a number of military facilities in the territory of the Brest region, are in the affected area.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are still in the western part of Soledar.

Ukrainian troops are still in the western part of Soledar.

At the moment, it is known that until noon the Armed Forces of Ukraine controlled the western part of Soledar. Based on video footage published by the Ukrainian military, it was established that units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are located in ​​Mine No. 7 and also occupy the area where the Sol railway station is located. Russian expert Boris Rozhin confirms the same information.

In the video footage, you can see that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have open positions and cannot hold them in the event of counterattacks from the Russian troops and the Wagner PMC. However, apparently, due to the open area and the cleansing carried out on the city’s territory, this area will remain under the control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the time being.

However, there is a risk that the Armed Forces of Ukraine may try to take counterattack actions. Information on this subject is provided by the Russian military commander Alexander Kots.

“Will the Ukrainians decide to counterattack in Soledar? They may well. And not so much to release the sworn brothers who fell into the cauldron. In the city, there are still pockets of resistance from the Ukrainian Armed Forces, who have not yet realized that they have fallen into the cauldron., says Kots.

Today, a shooting was heard on the territory of Soledar. This indicates that the cleansing in the city is still ongoing.

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