Ukrainian artillery smashed Russian armored vehicles in Zaporizhzhia

The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed a unit of Russian military armored vehicles in Zaporizhzhya.

Militarnyi reports about it with referral to the video published by the Zaporizhzhia Separate Territorial Defense Brigade.

The Russian army unit was shelled by the artillery units of Ukraine. A recent video published by Ukraine forces show that a Russian army armor unit completely destroyed by Ukraine artillery shelling.

It was reported about Ukrainian troops eliminating Russian forces routed to Zaporizhzhya.

“Such an excellent result for the artillerymen operating in the Defense Forces of the Zaporizhzhya region, precise hits,” – statement said.

Among others, several BMP infantry fighting vehicles intended for transporting personnel were destroyed.

Знищені БМП російських військових на Запоріжжі. Квітень 2022. Кадр з відео @110tro

In addition, a newly modified Russian T-80BVM tank was completely destroyed.

Modernization was conducted by OJSC Omsktransmash.

Знищений Т-80БВМ російських військових на Запоріжжі. Квітень 2022. Кадр з відео @110tro

The machine is equipped with spaced armour and a complex of explosive reactive armour “Relict” to protect against enemy fire.

Танк Т-80БВМ (червень 2020). Фото: ЗМІ РФ

Also, in the second part of the video, a damaged tank and another infantry fighting vehicle were displayed.

“One tank and one BMP were hit by our gunners in another military operation! It is the second part of today’s report on the military valor of the Defense Forces units of Zaporizhia region,” the second statement goes.

Знищена техніка російських військових на Запоріжжі. Квітень 2022. Кадр з відео @110tro

We would like to remind you that Russia has recently launched a missile strike on Zaporizhzhia and carries out some offensive actions in the area.

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