Ukrainian forces received 4 IRIS-T air defense launchers ,while Morocco handed over 20 T-72B tanks to Ukraine.

It became known that it was included in the set of air defense systems IRIS-T for Ukraine.

The first set of IRIS-T air defense systems transferred to Ukraine includes not one launcher, as originally planned, but four launchers, each of which carries eight anti-aircraft guided missiles, which provides the Armed Forces with a fairly serious medium-range air defense system.

It is impossible to assess the real effectiveness of the IRIS-T air defense systems since there is no objective information on this matter. Nevertheless, considering the data of the Ukrainian and German sides, the efficiency of hitting targets with these systems is 90%. However, this is only possible if target designation systems from AWACS aircraft are used.

At the same time, due to the publication by the Ukrainian military of photographs with IRIS-T air defense systems, it became known that these air defense systems were originally intended for deliveries to Egypt.

 However, as part of the negotiations, Egypt allowed Berlin to transfer a set of such air defense systems to Ukraine, which now raises many questions regarding the allied relations between Cairo and Moscow.

Morocco handed over 20 T-72B tanks to Ukraine.

The Moroccan authorities handed over 20 T-72B tanks to Ukraine.

Currently, the tanks are undergoing modernization and maintenance in the Czech Republic, after which, as expected, they will be sent to Ukraine within the next month. The Moroccan side did not officially advertise the delivery of these combat vehicles. However, Algerian and Czech journalists became aware of this.

At the moment, it is known that Morocco agreed to transfer to Ukraine half of the T-72B tanks available to this country. The terms of the transfer remain unknown; however, among other things, this African country also sent a large number of spare parts for the repair and restoration of already damaged tanks, which indicates that in the near future, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will receive a large number of these combat vehicles.

It is noteworthy that the decision to supply Ukraine with T-72b tanks was made at the end of April last year. However, it was only now possible to agree on deliveries to the Czech Republic for modernization.

To date, the number of T-72 tanks provided to Ukraine by other countries is already estimated at 400 units. The Polish side supplied the largest number of T-72B tanks.

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