Ukrainian intelligence says Russia can mobilize half a million more troops.

According to a high-ranking Ukrainian intelligence official, Russia could deploy another half a million troops in the coming months to begin a new offensive.

“In the spring and summer of 2023, Russia plans to organize up to half a million troops to conduct an aggressive assault in eastern and southern Ukraine. Additionally to the 300,000 who will be mobilized in October of 2022, “According to the Deputy Director of the State Security Service. On February 6th, the Ukrainian Defense publication reported a statement by Vadym Skibitskyi. “The new mobilization round is expected to run around two months.”

Skibitskyi claimed that Russia “had no intention of ending the fight” due to its efforts to enlist more troops. “The Ukrainian provinces of Donetsk, Lugansk, and Zaporizhzhia are all open to an offensive by Russia. Russia’s armed forces will protect Kherson and Crimea, “According to Mr. Skibitskyi.

In response to the Ukrainian intelligence official’s statement, Russia has said nothing. Officials in Russia have consistently dismissed rumors that they want to increase troop numbers.

There are “major concerns with missiles” in Russia, according to the deputy head of Ukraine’s Defense Intelligence Service. “On average, they only make 200 of each sort of missile yearly. Now just four Iskander missiles may be manufactured each month. There are 20-30 Kh-101 missiles available, give or take, depending on imported parts stockpiles, “Skibitskyi said.

Skibitskyi said Russia deployed 660 suicide unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) similar to the Iranian Shahed-136. Mr. Skibitskyi affirmed that 1,750 units would be made available per the terms of the deal. “They are time-consuming because of the planning and delivery processes involved. Our research indicates that they will be receiving fresh stock soon.”

Russia has recently increased its onslaught against Bakhmut and claims to have succeeded. Wagner, a Russian private security firm, was tasked with fighting in the Bakhmut area. They didn’t rush into the city proper, where Russian aircraft and artillery were still ambushing Ukrainian forces.

By occupying Bakhmut, Russia gains a strategic launching point for attacks on Slavyansk and Kramatorsk, two major cities in the Donetsk region. Donetsk is a huge province, and officials in the United States and Europe warn it will be tough for Russia to gain control of the entire region quickly.

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