Ukrainian miniature drone destroyed a huge Russian ammunition depot with just one grenade

A small drone that did not cost more than 10,000 USD destroyed a huge Russian army ammunition depot with just one dropped a grenade.

A miniature DJI unmanned aerial vehicle was able to destroy a huge ammunition depot with just one grenade. As a result of a precisely dropped grenade, an instantaneous detonation of ammunition occurred in the occupied Luhansk region of Ukraine. This resulted in an explosion that sent a cloud several hundred meters high, which was captured on the camera of another unmanned aerial vehicle reported by Russian media Avia pro.

Footage being shared on social media purportedly shows a Russian deport exploding after seemingly being hit by a Ukrainian missile. The ammunition warehouse is believed to be in Popasna, in the currently occupied region of Luhansk, eastern Ukraine. The video shows gray, orange smoke slowly building up into the sky after the hit before erupting into a full-blown blaze.

In the video footage presented, you can see the moment the grenade was dropped into the ammunition depot. On the territory of the latter there were several hundred tons of large-caliber artillery ammunition, rockets, etc. This led to a powerful explosion that could be observed from a distance of several tens of kilometers.

Experts pay attention to the fact that an orange cloud formed during the explosion. This does not rule out the possibility that the destroyed ammunition depot may have contained chemicals. In particular, an orange trail from the smoke may indicate the release of nitrogen dioxide, which, at high concentrations, is a seriously toxic chemical compound.

“Russian ammunition depots going [boom] too often lately, wonder why.”

Russia had been hoping for a quick takeover of Ukraine, but both defence forces and civilians have been maintaining a brutal resistance against the invaders.

NATO members have lined up to provide Kyiv with military and financial help to push back Moscow’s forces back into Russia for nearly five months.

Vladimir Putin’s troops were first forced to give up plans to take over the Ukrainian capital to revert back to conquering most of eastern Ukraine.

While Russia has made significant advances across the Luhansk and Donbass regions, Ukraine has continued to fight back and hinder Moscow’s advances.

Earlier this week, Ukrainians liberated Snake Island, which was first taken over in February in a significant blow to morale.

Russian forces had used Snake Island to control the northwestern Black Sea and impose a blockade on Ukraine, one of the world’s biggest grain exporters.

Kyiv says Moscow has intensified its long-range missile attacks, hitting civilian targets far from the frontline. Russia says it has been aiming at military sites.

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