Ukrainian soldiers tried to sell French CAESAR howitzer to Russia for only $120,000

Russian media have reported that some Ukrainian artillerymen have tried to sell the CAESAR self-propelled howitzer for only $120,000, while the actual value of this cannon is $7 million. Currently, Kyiv has not commented on this information.

Russian Avia site quoted information from the Bulgarian Military Newspaper, saying that a group of Ukrainian Soldiers has tried to sell the French CAESAR Artillery Guns. Unverified information about the Caesar cannon was continuously released by Russian Media after this French Warmachine made a great contribution in forcing the Russian Army to withdraw from the Snake Island.

According to the information given by Russian media, Ukrainian Soldiers tried to sell this gun for only $120,000 USD, while the real value of the gun is 7 million USD. Neither Russia nor Ukraine has commented on the information reported by Russian Media.

Previously, there was many inaccurate information related to this type of artillery given by the Russian Media. They first said that a Ukrainian CAESAR self-propelled howitzer was destroyed by Russian Army Counter-fire, accompanied by a video clip, however soon after the video clip was released, international military experts immediately discovered that Ukraine’s “CAESAR Self-propelled howitzer” is actually a 203mm Soviet-made 2S7 Pion Gun currently in use by both Russia and Ukraine in combat.

According to additional information, there were also reports that the Russian military has captured two Caesar artillery systems and assigned them to the Uralvagonzavod factory for further study. Although the Russian Ministry of Defense did not commented on this issue.

In another news, Russia confirmed that the Ukrainian Army has not more than 20 US-made M-777 light towed artillery pieces out of the total 107 that has been delivered earlier. Most of them were completely destroyed, while others had to be repaired due to excessive damage. However, this information was immediately denied, the American and Ukrainian Officials confirmed that most of the supplied M-777 cannons were in good working order and has showed great performance in the battlefield.

During a visit to the capital Kyiv on June 16, French President Macron said that France has provided 12 CAESAR artillery systems to Ukraine and will send 6 more systems in the future. The Caesar is an advanced French-built artillery system. The 155mm self-propelled gun system was developed by the French Company GIAT. The prototype of the Caesar cannon was demonstrated in 1994 and in 2002 the French Army received the first batch of this self-propelled howitzer.

Since 2007, the CAESAR cannon is mass-produced. Each artillery gun has 18 rounds of ammunition and a rate of fire of 6 rounds per minute. This howitzer can fire all 155mm shells of NATO member countries. Each Caesar self-propelled howitzer is made up of approximately 500 parts, the gun has the weight of 18 tons and is placed on a 6 wheel armoured truck chassis with strong maneuverability on the ground.

The Caesar cannon is much more better and advanced than the American M-777 towed howitzer. It was the French-made artillery that made a great contribution in forcing the Russian Army to withdraw from the Snake Island. Each unit of the Caesar cannon costs approximately 7 million USD, the gun has been very successful in export market. The Czech Republic, Denmark, Indonesia, Morocco, Thailand, Saudi Arabia has signed deals with France to buy these artillery guns.

Lithuania has also signed a contract for buying Caesar cannons worth 600 million Euros in February this year, with delivery expected to start in 2026. The Caesar cannon is said to be very easy-to-use and manageable, according to Ukrainian Army commanders this artillery gun has a quick firing process which saves a lot of time, shooting quickly and then withdrawing quickly will help avoid quick retaliation by the enemy.

The Caesar howitzer is equipped with the ATLAS fire control system developed by GIAT and EADS Defense Electronics; integrated with SAGEM Sigma 30 navigation system, DECS-2002G fire control computer, GPS, ROB-4 barrel tachometer radar and tactical data series, etc. The withdrawal of the pickaxe, the semiautomatic loading system and the lifting and lowering of the barrel of the Caesar’s cannon are all controlled by the control panel on the real of the vehicle, without the need for direct control in the cabin.

The Caesar howitzer takes only one minute to start firing from the preparation stage, and only three minutes to withdraw from position after firing six rounds. In terms of ammunition, the caesar has a wide range of ammunition types from High Explosive to other ammunition of NATO standards, anti-aircraft ammunition, anti-armour, etc.

The CAESAR can accurately strike targets more than 40 kilometres (25 mi) away using Base Bleed ERFB ammunition or targets over 55 kilometres (34 mi) away using rocket assisted or smart ammunition.

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