Uncovering the surprising cause that caused the Russian Su-35S modern fighter to crash

A series of human causes caused the Russian Su-35S advanced fighter jet to crash in the Sakhalin region on July 31. 

The crashed Su-35S belonged to the 23rd Fighter Regiment, stationed at Dzemgi airfield in the city of “Komsomol on the Amur River”.

It is known that the aircraft was about to take off on a regular night patrol mission, but the bait-launching switch on the fighter was left in “automatic” mode instead of turning off as usual; so as soon as the plane started to accelerate to take off, the powerful radar wave at the airport suddenly activated the decoy launcher system on the Su-35S.

The system of decoys are flares that, when burning, will generate extremely high temperatures to deceive the enemy’s heat-seeking missiles. Each of the bait cannons launched from the Su-35S flew backwards, landing on the runway, creating a large fireball.https://api.dable.io/widgets/id/Almwpdo1/users/67903571.1617642577895?from=https%3A%2F%2Fm.anninhthudo.vn%2Finfo-he-lo-nguyen-nhan-day-bat-ngo-khien-tiem-kich-toi-tan-su-35s-nga-roi-post475722.antd&url=https%3A%2F%2Fm.anninhthudo.vn%2Finfo-he-lo-nguyen-nhan-day-bat-ngo-khien-tiem-kich-toi-tan-su-35s-nga-roi-post475722.antd&ref=https%3A%2F%2Fm.anninhthudo.vn%2Fquan-su%2F163.antd&cid=67903571.1617642577895&uid=67903571.1617642577895&site=m.anninhthudo.vn&id=dablewidget_Almwpdo1&category1=Qu%C3%A2n%20s%E1%BB%B1&ad_params=%7B%7D&item_id=475722&pixel_ratio=2.75&client_width=361&network=non-wifi&lang=en&pre_expose=1&is_top_win=1&top_win_accessible=1

In the haze and at night, from the air traffic tower, the flight coordinator thought the Su-35S engine was on fire, so he ordered the pilot to parachute. The pilot immediately ejected the emergency seat. The plane continued to soar at the end of the runway and rose into the air. The pilot threw his parachute, was pushed by the wind to the middle of the runway, and landed safely. The plane continued to climb to nearly 13,000 m, then crashed into a forest and caught fire.

There is an opinion that there is a problem with the exchange of information between the flight commander and the pilot. The pilot did not seem to handle the situation well, launching the emergency seat right away without checking to see how the plane was. Initial assessment showed that the pilot lost his temper and the commander flew in a hurry and made a mistake, not only that, the aircraft maintenance also had problems when leaving the decoy launch in automatic mode.

The Su-35S is considered a 4++ generation fighter, it has some features of the 5th generation fighter. The introduction of the Su-35 fighter into official service has significantly improved the combat power of the air. Russian army before the fifth generation fighter Su-T50 entered mass production.

Although inferior in stealth as well as electronic systems, in return, the Su-35S has super mobility, many experts believe that, if it is not in close-range combat, it is likely that the US F-22 Raptor will defeated by the Su-35S.

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