United States revealed a new submarine with hypersonic weapons: Threat to China and Russia

Submarine project SSN (X) will be able to fight both surface and submarine ships.

The US Navy’s enigmatic Attack Submarine Next Generation project is gaining new capabilities. So, from the report of the research service of the US Congress, it is known that the new American submarines will be used in a new role.

Virginia class submarine
Virginia class submarine

The new submarine will replace the Virginia class submarines. 

SSN (X) will mark the beginning of the reorientation of the US submarine fleet from supporting ground forces to fighting enemy submarine and surface fleets. The new submarine will be the successor to the Virginia-class ships that have been in service with the US Navy since 2004.

It is noted that the development of a new type of submarine was a response to the commissioning of new submarines in Russia, and the modernization of the navy of the People’s Liberation Army of China. The lead submarine SSN (X) is planned to be purchased in 2031, and in the future, the US Navy plans to purchase one “submarine of the future” per year.

New boat for new challenges

Submarine concept of the new generation SSN (X)
Submarine concept of the new generation SSN (X). Illustration: H. I. Sutton / Covershores.com

Unlike existing submarines, designed primarily to support ground forces, the SSN (X) is being prepared for naval combat. The submarine will be able to successfully fight surface and submarine ships, so its design will be different from the existing US Navy ships. The novelty can get a more durable case for diving to greater depths. Also, designers can increase the internal volume required to accommodate more torpedoes and missiles.

True, it is too early to judge the exact characteristics of a promising submarine. It is believed that the submarine will receive versions of laser and hypersonic weapons, which are now being tested on air and surface platforms. It is also possible that SSN (X) will be equipped with a new generation electric propulsion system and modernized sonars.

Given the development of ethereal platforms, it can be assumed that SSN (X) will be able to carry a miniature underwater drone. And specialized electronic warfare systems will allow you to fight enemy drones.

At this stage, the US Navy is exploring options for the development of the SSN (X) project. The new submarine can become the development of the projects of the nuclear submarines Virginia and Columbia, or develop as an independent project. Earlier it was reported that SSN (X) will be wider than “Virginia”, the width of the hull is 10.5 meters.

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