Uran-9: Russia unmanned combat vehicle with powerful performance to enter service soon

The new Russian unmanned combat vehicle, the Uran-9 is equipped with different types of weapons such as anti-tank missiles and cannons, the vehicle has an overall weight of 10 tons. The Russian Army has high hopes from this new combat vehicle. Russia has also planned to export the Uran-9.

The Uran-9 Combat Vehicle is multi-purpose and has strong protection features, which makes it different from other Unmanned Combat Vehicles around the globe. According to reports from the Russian Media, the Uran-9 has significantly increased firepower and can provide continuous fire support to troops on the battlefield. It also has good performance in all weather conditions.

During its development, the Uran-9 unmanned combat vehicle showed many technical faults such as insufficient remote control distance, unstable vehicle-mounted weapon attacks, and easy loss of signals, which caused problems for Russia. But Russian Technical Experts continued to improve the Warmachine, through continuous actual combat tests and inspections, they have successively overcome the above-mentioned problems, thereby significantly improving the safety and reliability of the vehicle.

In terms of performance, the Uran-9 unmanned combat vehicle has the following characteristics. First of all, it has a powerful strike capability. By configuring the 2A72 cannon and Kalashnikov PKT/PKTM machine guns, the Uran-9 unmanned combat vehicle can accurately destroy various ground targets of the opponents. In addition, the vehicle can also be equipped with 9M133M anti-tank missiles, 9K333 portable air defense missiles and other weapons to deal with low-altitude targets and enemy armoured vehicles.

Secondly, the vehicle is highly intelligent. It is reported that the Uran-9 unmanned combat vehicle can quickly and automatically track and lock the target, thanks to various sensor modules such as the laser warning system installed on it. It is worth noting that it can monitor and capture incoming targets within 6 kilometers in the daytime environment. In addition, the unmanned combat vehicle can also perform tasks according to the human mode, avoid obstacles and track targets along the designed route plan.

According to some media sources, Russia will speed up the production process of the Uranus-9 unmanned combat vehicle, and initially form a new combat unit consisting of 20 Uranus-9 unmanned combat vehicles. In terms of combat power, this combat unit is definitely the strongest among the strong. With the establishment of this force, Russia will for the first time put ground combat robots into combat missions on a large scale.

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