US F-35 fighter jet debuts at India Airshow 

According to reports, it is incredible that the F-35 fighter jets will appear at this air show, but the US delegation revealed to the Indian media that “it is too early for the US to provide India with the F-35”.

The F-35 is a fifth-generation fighter jet led by the United States and jointly developed by many countries. The fighter plane adopts a stealth design and is equipped with a phased array radar and photoelectric detection system. It can use a variety of precision-guided munitions to perform air and ground operations.

The fighter family mainly includes three models: F-35A, which is used by the U.S. Air Force and other countries, is a traditional take-off and landing type. The F-35B is a model adopted by the US Marine Corps and the British Royal Navy. It uses a vector engine and can take off and land vertically on warships. The F-35C is a carrier-based model of the U.S. Navy for conventional take-off and landing, and can be launched by a catapult.

With the deepening of US-India military relations, whether India, which has not been equipped with fifth-generation fighter jets, will buy F-35 fighter jets has become a topic of concern to the outside world. Previously, rumors of India’s intention to buy F-35 fighter jets appeared from time to time, but the official  so far, No statement has been made.

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