US is fully capable of destroying Russian S-400 system: Chinese Media

China’s Sina newspaper recently asserted that the US is completely capable of defeating the S-400 missile easily, based on the technologies that Washington has available.

Specifically, Sina newspaper said that Russia’s S-400 air defense system has been described with its characteristics, superiority, and danger. The author of the article also emphasized that the S-400 is a threat to the US.

However, the author of the article affirmed, there are measures for the US to counter this “dangerous” air defense system of Russia. It will be necessary to mobilize fighter resources of the US Air Force , conduct combat coordination. But, according to the author, the battle will be prolonged, causing losses for both sides, although the S-400 will still be destroyed.

Sina newspaper has “donated” to the US to use its 5th generation fighters, the stealthy F-35 Lightning II fighters. The prerequisite is that the F-35 must bring an electronic warfare system, enhancing its stealth and stealth capabilities.

However, with the presence of the Pantsir-C1 complexes, which have long been a “threat” to the US F-35s, making the use of only this type of fighter, completely inadequate.

It will take a fairly large number of US EA-18Gs to participate in the mission to “pave the way” for US stealth fighters.

Of course, both sides would suffer heavy losses in an all-out war like this. Even so, Washington’s advantage is still a larger number of aircraft, the ability to produce faster than Moscow.

As for the Russian S-400 Triumf missiles, this is a Russian long-range missile defense system, but to be exact, it must be a multi-range air defense system of the country, because it has the ability to destroy targets from very close range to a maximum of 400km.

The NATO-branded S-400s are SA-21 Growler, this system has the ability to integrate with electronic warfare systems, which means that in combination with its multi-layered coverage, stealth fighters or Electronic fighter cannot get close to it.

And given the multi-layered air defense coverage the S-400 has, any modern stealth aircraft should stay out of its effective “no-go zone”. Especially the US stealth fighters, when recently, this country is making “suspicious” moves near the Russian border.

S-400 Triumf has been developed by Russia’s Fakel Design Bureau, has been mass produced since 2004 – now and is in the service of the Russian Army.

This is also the missile defense system that holds the record for the longest range in the world, until the Russian S-500 system was born.

With its modern electronic warfare system, the S-400 can detect and track up to 300 flying targets at the same time, from a distance of up to 600k with an altitude of 40-50km. At the same time, the S-400 can simultaneously fire and intercept 80 targets at the same time.

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