US nuclear weapons secrets leaked! Including location, code, password

Recently, U.S. media broke the news: U.S. Air Force personnel inadvertently leaked information about the safety of U.S. nuclear weapons, including the deployment of U.S. nuclear weapons in Europe. What are the consequences if this information is mastered by the outside world?

US nuclear weapons deployment information leaked including location, code name, and password US media claimed that some US Air Force personnel responsible for protecting nuclear weapons in Europe accidentally leaked a large amount of sensitive security information about US nuclear weapons when using an app.

According to reports, the leaked information includes the possible location of US nuclear weapons in Europe, how many bunkers there are at the base to store nuclear weapons, and even secret codes and passwords.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby responded on June 1st that the US Air Force is investigating the incident. He also stated that the policy of the US Department of Defense is “neither confirm nor deny the existence of nuclear weapons in any particular location.” At the same time, the deployment of nuclear weapons by the United States in Europe has once again caused concern.

Russian media quoted public information from the Institute of Peace and Security Policy at the University of Hamburg in Germany on June 3, saying that there are 100 nuclear bombs coexisting in the US military bases in Europe and Turkey.

Earlier, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zakharova had stated that NATO’s nuclear mission directly violated the basic provisions of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, and non-nuclear countries storing nuclear weapons actually violated its safeguards agreement with the International Atomic Energy Agency. while the U.S. deployment of nuclear bombs in Europe Is an “open secret”

The exact location and exact number of the nuclear arsenals deployed by the United States in Europe have been a mystery. Once these nuclear secrets are mastered by the outside world, what are the consequences?

Once nuclear secrets are leaked, they may fall into the hands of US opponents and terrorist organizations, which will pose a greater threat to the United States. In addition, leakage of nuclear secrets will also cause the proliferation of nuclear technology.

The deployment of US nuclear bombs in Europe is actually an “open secret.” The U.S. deployment of nuclear bombs in Europe is decreasing, from the previous 150 to 100, but this does not mean that the U.S. is shrinking its power or reducing its deterrence against Russia, but that it must fundamentally upgrade and strengthen its own power. . This is subtraction on the surface, but in fact it is addition.

The adjustment of the U.S. deployment of nuclear bombs in Europe is of strategic significance. The U.S., through security cooperation with European countries, is on the one hand to win over European countries, and on the other hand, it also reflects that the U.S. uses nuclear power as a means of deterrence.

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