US threatens Russian air force in Syria with Avenger?

The US military in northern Syria has been equipped with dozens of Avenger air defense missile systems, which could pose a challenge to Russia.

In response to frequent flights of Russian-armed helicopters, drones, fighters and bombers, the United States deployed a mobile version of the Stinger air defense missile system to northern Syria. 

This MANPADS is said to be used to “counter any potentially dangerous target”, which clearly applies not only to Russia but also to Turkey. The family plans to use their military aviation to attack the Kurds.

Specifically, the US weapon brought to the north of Syria is the Avenger complex, which is essentially an improved version of the Stingers, because they can be independently detected and hit the target at a short distance. According to some data, a total of 3 Avenger air defense systems and about 20 Stinger MANPADS have been deployed to the North of the Arab Republic.

Syrian sources pay attention to the fact that the Pentagon is unlikely to decide to attack a Russian aircraft even in the event of real danger, realizing that in response, Russia will immediately conduct a missile attack. 

Analysts say that the main reason for the US sending of the air defense system to Syria is due to the war against Iran’s drones – the Shahed-129 type, which may have been secretly taken to Syria by Tehran. last week.

My mission in Russia in the state of Avenger in Syria?
The anti-aircraft missile complex AN / TWQ-1 Avenger was sent by the US to northern Syria

The AN / TWQ-1 Avenger air defense system, built in the late 1980s, consisted of a 360 degree rotating turret with two launch tubes containing eight FIM-92 Stinger missiles.

Stinger missiles can hit targets at a distance of 4.8 km and an altitude of 180 – 3,800 meters. The detonator weighs 3kg, operates according to the principle of explosion, has a detonator and a self-destruct timer.

The FIM-92 Stinger missile is filled out of the launcher at a small dose to create a safe distance from the gunner before the solid-fuel double-stage propulsion system is activated to bring the missile quickly to Mach 2 speed.

When launched from the Avenger platform, the Stinger missile can receive data on the target without having to point directly at the target to be destroyed. 

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