US wants to set up quick response unit on Japanese outpost island. -Japanese media

Japanese media reported that the US plans to set up a rapid reaction regiment to redeploy marine forces on the island of Okinawa.

The Yomiuri newspaper quoted an unnamed source in the Japanese government today as saying that the US military is developing a plan to redeploy marine units stationed on Okinawa island by 2025, including establishing “Marine Corps Coastal Regiment” to respond to emergencies in the forward islands of Japan quickly.

The source said that the US had informed the Japanese government of this plan, and the decision to redeploy forces will be announced during the security meeting in the form of 2 + 2 between the two countries in Washington, DC, on 11/1. 

US and Japanese officials have not commented on the report. The US is deploying forward forces concentrated in a few key allies in the Indo-Pacific.

 Japan has about 55,000 US troops stationed, mostly navy and marines. The island of Okinawa, home to 70% of US land bases in Japan, is increasingly sensing changes in the Pentagon’s new strategic thinking.

The Pentagon is re-evaluating the deployment of military forces in the Indo-Pacific. The goal of the US was to have a flexible coalition expeditionary force spread throughout the region, making it difficult for the enemy to strike with a fatal blow but still positioned close enough to key areas.

Japan and united states military relation?

Military cooperation between the United States and Japan dates back to the end of World War II when the United States occupied Japan and helped to reconstruct the country.

A mutual defense treaty compels the United States to protect Japan in the event of an attack and Japan to allow the United States to keep military bases on its territory.

The United States provides Japan with security assurances, while Japan supports the United States in a range of international endeavors, including peacekeeping operations and anti-terrorism activities.

Regularly, the two nations also conduct military drills together. Japan’s Self-Defense Forces are prohibited from engaging in offensive actions, and it has a relatively small military. Nevertheless, they have aggressively engaged with the United States military to enhance defense capabilities.

Japan and the United States collaborate closely on marine security, logistics, and intelligence exchange. China’s expanding military strength has become a concern for both the United States and Japan in recent years. As a result, the two nations have boosted their military cooperation to discourage any future Chinese aggression and defend the region’s security.

Overall, the military cooperation between the United States and Japan is robust and mutually beneficial, allowing the two nations to work together to enhance regional and global security and stability.

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