US will send two Harpoon coastal missile systems and 5,000 missiles for HIMARS to Ukraine

The United States, officially announced the delivery of Harpoon coastal missile systems to Ukraine additionally the US will also provide 5,000 missile for HIMARS MRL.

US President Joe Biden officially announced the provision of a new military aid package to Ukraine. As it became known, we are talking about providing Ukraine with Harpoon coastal missile systems. Moreover, the use of the latter will be carried out with direct agreement with the United States. This probably implies the deployment of a radar station for these weapons on the territory of neighboring Romania.

“The shipments include additional artillery pieces and coastal defenses, as well as ammunition for artillery and advanced missile systems, which the Ukrainians need in their defensive operations in the Donbass,” US President Joe Biden said.

Due to the lack of details, at the moment it remains unknown what type of anti-ship cruise missiles will be provided to Ukraine, however, experts believe that Washington will try to transfer missiles with a range of up to 260 kilometers to Ukraine.

Missiles for HIMARS

Despite the fact that the United States announced the transfer of only four M142 HIMARS launchers to Ukraine, later, having increased deliveries to 12 launchers, it became known that in reality, the number of heavy MLRS transferred to the Armed Forces of Ukraine could turn out to be much larger, since is about the delivery of 5,000 long-range missiles.

At the moment, it is known that the United States plans to transfer 5,000 GMLRS M30 and M30A1\M30A2 missiles to Ukraine. The latter are capable of striking at distances up to 70 kilometers. At the same time, an improved version of the missile is capable of inflicting very serious damage, and with a massive salvo, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be able to quickly attack a vast territory. Moreover, the fact that the UK plans to transfer analogues of the M142 HIMARS to Ukraine is also quite serious, and this poses an even greater threat.

The first American M142 HIMARS should arrive in Ukraine next week. At the same time, the United States announced that they would provide Ukraine with technical support and, more importantly, intelligence information for subsequent operational strikes. This could lead to Russia attacking the decision-making centers, as promised earlier.

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