USA vs China over Taiwan, Who will win? Pentagon has the answer

Pentagon analysis shows that the US is likely to suffer heavy losses in an all-out war with the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.

Pentagon War Game

The US Air Force Command has revealed that the results of the war game simulating the Chinese invasion of Taiwan in 2030 show that China will have the military ability to defeat American forces. Simulations of the conflict make it clear that Beijing cannot be defeated with a swift American advance as has been seen in previous wars.

The Russian news agency Sputnik had an article that revealed the details of this war game, resulting in the war with China over the Taiwan issue, although the Americans eventually prevailed, they suffered catastrophic losses. dire.

According to Sputnik, such war games are frequently simulated by the Pentagon in the United States. However, in previous years, Americans had been defeated over and over again.

War game 2030

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The US will use stealth bombers in its war with China

In this scenario simulation game, the Americans decide to build a simulated conflict scenario in the near future. As a result, participating in the campaign has not only existing models of equipment and weapons, but also weapons and military technology that are being developed, many of which exist only in blueprints.

As a result, the US Air Force defeated the Chinese army and surrounded the surviving units in a small area. However, the Pentagon suffered heavy losses. They did not specify the severity of the loss.

Major General Clint Hinote, Deputy Director of Air Force Integration Operations, admitted: “Based on the results of war games simulating an armed conflict with China, we can say with certainty. We will lose many pilots. To win, both the Pentagon and American society must be mentally prepared for such massive casualties. It is difficult to accept, but this is an objective reality “.

Unified command-control, compact and mobile

This time, when organizing war games, the US created its own advantages from the beginning. For example, according to the scenario, in the conflict they use the concept of “Joint All-Domain Command and Control” (Joint All-Domain Command and Control).

My kiet que after the Chinese ladder in ... game chien
The Chinese air force is considered to be very strong

Accordingly, the Pentagon has connected the sensors of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps into a single network to exchange information as quickly as possible, ensuring optimal interaction between the continent. military, aviation, navy and satellite constellation.

Additionally, under the scenario, Americans could deploy an airport network in the region to provide fuel, weapons, and spare parts. This allows them to shorten the time it takes to transfer aircraft to the battle area after refueling and replenishing ammunition.

Finally, instead of creating separate headquarters for the Air Force, Navy, and Army, the Americans organized a number of small, mobile command and control teams (Command-and-Control Teams) in the area. Conflict area, each team has from 5 to 30 representatives of the service forces in the armed forces.

The problem is that, in previous simulations, the Chinese repeatedly knocked down US command structures in Guam and Hawaii with long-range missiles and naval forces. Therefore, the United States had to set up these Teams to command the campaign from different locations, so the survival rate was significantly improved.

Puncture the A2 / AD system with the mixed air squadron

Types of aircraft and UAVs participating in conflict simulation war games attract the greatest attention.

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XQ-58A-Valkyrie will also be launched into war with China

The main role in penetrating China’s “no-access zone” and destroying PLA’s air defense systems was assigned to the B-21 Raider strategic stealth bombers and the second generation fighters. six promising projects under the NGAD project (Next Generation Air Dominance – the next generation air superiority aircraft).

According to the Pentagon, the full-size prototype of the mysterious aircraft took off for the first time last September.

It is worth noting that in the simulated conflict scenario, the NGAD aircraft is based on the F-35 fighter. However, as reported by the US Air Force, the fifth generation stealth fighter F-35 is not very suitable for operations under developed air defense conditions in the Pacific because the aircraft cannot fly. far if not refueling from aerial refueling aircraft.

Modern versions of the F-35 are not in use, according to Gen. Clint Hinote. Modernized F-15EX fighters and unnamed fourth-generation light aircraft are being developed to replace the F-16 that has already succumbed to enemy air force.

Join the war game, in addition to manned vehicles, there is also a promising drone fleet operating in a mixed formation with fighters.

My kiet que after the Chinese ladder in ... game chien
China also has very strong air defense systems

The C-17 and C-130 military transports were assigned a special mission. Flying beyond the range of PLA’s air defense systems, they strike ground targets with JASSM cruise missiles with high precision, launching missiles from cargo holds equipped with “smart pallets”.

General Clint Hinote stressed that, in a war with an equal opponent, strong firepower is required, regardless of the means of providing it.

The Pentagon will take into account conclusions drawn from war games when planning the development of the Air Force and armed forces in general.

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