Using Rafale fighters against S-400 missiles can bring absolute advantages to India

India is preparing for an interesting combination of French and Russian weapons that will give it a huge advantage over a potential adversary.

The manufacturer Almaz-Antey has confirmed that it will deliver the first S 400 air defence missile system to New Delhi in December 2021. The above weapons are very necessary for India.

Our senior columnist noted that the S-400 air defence system is a weapon capable of “changing the rules of the game”.

The detection radius of the S-400 is up to 600 km, enough to “lock down” the Western front. That is, Triumf is capable of detecting missile launches from very far away and hitting the target in just a few minutes.

The Russian S-400 air defence radar can recognize 300 targets simultaneously and fire four different types of missiles, depending on the object and range. The mobility of the S-400 makes it difficult for opponents to track and destroy them.

The US is clearly not satisfied when the S 400 “covers” all over the planet. The media even asserted that Washington will impose on India the Anti-America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act – CAATSA.

However, according to many experts, the following three factors bring great benefits to New Delhi, making them not too concerned about the move from the US side.

First, India is not a NATO member like Turkey, so it is not bound by military obligations but can fully pursue an independent military policy.

Second, the US interest in the S-400 contract is related to the fear of revealing the secrets of the F-35. It is because of this factor that Turkey is subject to Washington’s sanctions. Meanwhile, India has no plans to buy F-35 shortly.

Third, analysts are certain that the US wants to create an alliance to contain China in the Pacific region. New Delhi is an integral part of the QUAD bloc, which includes Japan and Australia.

India attracts Washington’s attention with its shared territorial border with China. Therefore, threats with sanctions are unfounded when both are in great need of each other.

According to our columnist, the Indian S 400 will be used to guard China, not Pakistan. Such a conclusion is drawn when taking into account the tasks set for the French-made Rafale fighter.

“The S-400 is an extremely dangerous weapon. It creates a defensive shield against enemy aircraft, creating enough space for the Indian Rafale fighter to operate,” the expert explained.

Currently, India has deployed many front line fighter jets near the border with China. Therefore the S-400 should appear in the same area.

India’s Rafale against China’s S-400 system is a much better bet than Beijing’s J-20 against New Delhi’s air defence systems,” the analyst said.

The fearsome combination of the Russian S-400 and the French Rafale in the Indian Army can cause serious problems for the enemy.

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