Visby-class corvette: outstanding stealth performance, meet the real needs of Sweden

The Visby class is a warship in use by the Swedish Navy. It is the latest class of corvette adopted by the navy after the Göteborg and Stockholm-class corvettes.

The Swedish Navy commissioned the Visby-class stealth frigate in16 September 2002. The ship is built on the basis of its small and refined advantages. It can undertake various tasks such as surface warfare and anti-submarine warfare. It has strong endurance and stealth capabilities, and meets the needs of the country. Among them, stealth is a distinctive feature of the Visby class. Its design emphasizes low visibility radar cross-section and infrared signature, and the class has received widespread international attention because of its capabilities as a stealth ship.

In terms of indicators, the Visby-class stealth frigate is 73 meters long and 10.4 meters long and has a maximum displacement of more than 600 tonnes. It uses a modular structure in design and uses carbon fiber composite materials with more crash-resistant properties to ensure stealth. In addition, in order to highlight the stealth, the ship is also painted with infrared scattering paint, and a special shock-proof and sound-absorbing base is designed. Due to the stealth design, the ship almost no longer installs equipment on the deck and other places, and places systems such as weapon systems and electronic control inside.

Visby Class - Stealth Ship Of The Swedish Navy

In terms of power, the ship relies on a variety of system devices such as diesel engines to maintain operation, which not only meets the economy of daily cruising, but also adapts to emergency tactical needs. It is reported that its cruise speed is 15 knots, and once the power system is switched, the fastest speed can reach 35 knots thanks to its two 125SII Kamewa Waterjets.

In order to enhance the anti-submarine capability, the developers installed a comprehensive sonar system with a detection depth of 1 km for the Visby class. At the same time, it is also equipped with a launch tube that can carry limited active and passive sonar guided anti-submarine torpedoes.

In terms of armament, the ship is equipped with MK3 57mm naval gun that can carry programmable fuze shells made in Sweden. It is reported that the projectile is automatically controlled, with a maximum strike distance of 17 kilometers, and is mainly used to strike opponent fighters. The 57 mm cannon barrel can be folded into the turret to reduce its cross-section. There are plans for additional improvements in this area, especially for the deck rails and masts. In the anti-ship field, it has installed the RBS15MK anti-ship missile launch system, which can hit targets within a range of 200 kilometers at a speed of Mach 0.8.

The ship’s control and command system consists of a combat management system and an integrated communication system. one of the most critical part in this ship. In terms of target detection, it has a variety of radars such as the sea giraffe AMBC-3D. In addition, Visby is also equipped with CS-3701 electronic warfare support system,etc. To complete tasks such as target positioning. As for demining, the Visby-class is equipped with remote-controlled submersibles, which are composed of sonar and other tasks to meet tasks such as detection.

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