War has started? Russia’s patience is over, Ukraine suffers massive cyber attack

The negotiations between Russia and NATO-United States and the OSCE have come to an end. Judging from the results, no substantive progress has been achieved.

It can even be said that it has had a negative effect on the security situation in Europe. Various military operations by NATO and Russia are still ongoing. Russia even warned externally that its patience with Western countries has ended, and Russia’s ability to remain calm is weakening. Coincidentally, Ukraine has recently suffered a large-scale cyber attack, which makes many people think that the war between Russia and NATO has started, but the early battlefield is on the Internet.

According to a report by “Russia Today” on January 14, Russia’s deputy foreign minister said after the European security talks that Russia is increasingly tired of the actions of Western powers, Moscow’s ability to keep calm is waning, patience with Western countries is over, Russia Having been burdened for a long time, now it is their turn to “go”.

What “going off” means, it could not be clearer. During the talks, Russia has repeatedly stated that if NATO and the United States cannot meet the security conditions proposed by Russia, they will take necessary measures to protect Russia’s national security.

Here Russia announced that it had lost its patience, and coincidentally Ukraine was attacked at about the same time. According to a report by “Russia Today” on the 14th, Ukraine suffered a large-scale cyber attack, and the websites of many agencies, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, were forced to temporarily shut down. Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleg Nikolenko said that in addition to the diplomatic website, the network systems of other departments such as the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Sports and the Ministry of Energy were also attacked to varying degrees, which was obviously a premeditated attack. With the hacker attack, Ukrainian experts have begun to restore the network system, and the Ukrainian cyber police has also launched an investigation.


From the Ukrainian side, it seems likely that Russia is behind the attack. Because of their long history of cyber attacks on Ukraine in the past, and the recent tension between the two sides, Russia is very suspicious.

Some analysts pointed out that the possibility of Russia’s cyber attack on Ukraine is not ruled out. This action may be just a prelude. If Ukraine continues to choose to join NATO and completely go to the opposite side of Russia, the next attack will not be just a simple cyber attack.


NATO has also made preparations for a long-term confrontation with Russia. According to Russian media, about 40,000 NATO troops are ready to enter Ukraine at any time to help Ukraine fight against Russia. Therefore, in the opinion of relevant people, this cyber attack is likely to be a signal that the war between the two sides has started. Although it is only a cyber war, as the contradictions continue to arouse, who can guarantee that the follow-up war will not break out? 

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