Watch Drone destroyed four armored vehicles with just one blow

The unmanned combat aerial vehicle burned down four armored vehicles with just one blow.

As a result of a successful strike by an unmanned aerial vehicle on a hangar with military equipment, the drone managed to destroy four armored vehicles at once. We are talking about very significant damage, and, judging by the video footage taken by the drone operator, the armored vehicles were not just damaged, but burned literally to the ground.

On the video footage taken by the operator of an unmanned aerial vehicle, you can see that after dropping small artillery ammunition on a hangar with military equipment, the latter ignited. It is most likely that the explosion of the projectile led to the ignition of combustible materials, as a result of which an intense fire instantly began, which in turn quickly consumed the military equipment located here. It is noteworthy that we are talking about a small quadrocopter, costing only a few tens of thousands of rubles, however, the damage caused by the drone is estimated at a much larger amount.

At the moment, it remains unknown where exactly such video frames were shot, however, the video clearly demonstrates that unmanned aerial vehicles are very successful against targets on the ground, although we are not even talking about military drones. Also, its unknown whether it was Russia or Ukraine who carried out the strike.

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