Watch: Russia hit Ukrainian Army position with most powerful mortar

A Ukrainian military position was hit by the latest Russian 240-mm 3F5 “Smelchak” high-explosive (HE), semi-active laser-guided mortar.

As part of the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the Russian military deployed guided 240-mm ammunition 3F5 “Smelchak”. The use of these devastating projectiles, fired by the 2S4 Tyulpan self-propelled heavy mortar at the positions of foreign mercenaries, was caught on video for the first time.

According to the source of the news agency, in the presented video frames, one can see the moment when one of these munitions was struck at the positions of foreign mercenaries on the outskirts of Mariupol. It is noted that foreign mercenaries held their positions, preventing them from advancing, as a result of which heavy self-propelled mortars “2S4 Tyulpan” were used, and 3F5 “Smelchak” guided ammunition was used to deliver precision strikes.

Specialists pay attention to the peculiarity of striking with the corrected 240-mm ammunition 3F5 “Smelchak” and the powerful explosion that thundered on the positions of the mercenaries. Due to the remoteness of the shooting, it is not possible to reliably determine the damage caused, however, the 240-mm ammunition itself causes such severe damage that the positions of the mercenaries were almost certainly simply swept away.

Russian 240mm 3F5 Smelchak (Daredevil), a high-explosive (HE), semi-active laser-guided mortar. The mortar uses a T-90 fuze for uncovering the seeker and is internally fuzed with the 3VT25 fuze.

The 3F5 guided mortar referred to as a Semi-Active Laser-Guided Projectile (SAL-GP), is fired in the same manner as a conventional 240mm mortar bomb by electrical or mechanical triggering. The complete round ready for firing and including the 3F5 is known as the 3VF4.

The forward part of the mortar contains a laser seeker which is normally kept covered by a ballistic cap. Behind the nose is the FRAG-HE warhead which contains 21kg of a high energy explosive stated to be equivalent to 32kg of TNT.

The centre part of the main body contains a series of small rocket motors which vent around the mortar’s centre of gravity. The tail unit contains six short flip-out fins for in-flight stabilisation.

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