Watch: Russian Hurrican MLRS launch 29 missiles in just 11 second on Ukrainian Army

In a latest video of the 9k57 “Hurricane”LRS in 11 seconds the system fired 29 missiles in just 11 second on Ukraine armed forces

In a latest video published by Russian sides shows that the true power of MLRS. The calculation of the two launchers “Hurricane” in 11 seconds fired 29 missiles, quickly destroying enemy forces in one of the directions of the front. The corresponding video footage was taken from an unmanned aerial vehicle.


In the presented video, you can see how the calculation of two Uragan MLRS launchers fires 29 missiles at enemy positions in just 11 seconds. The effectiveness of the use of these heavy multiple launch rocket systems is absolutely undeniable, since in addition to powerful strikes over a huge area, the MLRS crews change their position immediately after the attack and are able to strike again after a few minutes.

“Unlike the American systems, the Hurricane MLRS perform the tasks for which they are intended – delivering massive strikes over a large area. Considering that the area covered by the Hurricane is almost 450 thousand square meters, there is no need for precise aiming , ”the specialist notes.

Experts note that the use of MLRS has proven itself quite successfully, which is likely to lead to the development of new systems of this type.

The Hurricane Multiple Rocket Launcher System (MRLS) is designed to engage the living force, light armoured and armoured vehicles of the enemy’s motorized infantry and tank units at the concentration sites and on the march, to destroy command posts, communication nodes and military industrial infrastructure facilities, to remotely install anti-tank and anti-personnel minefields in the combat zone at a distance of 10 to 35 km.

Taking into account the adoption of the M-21 Field Rocket System in 1963, the Tula State Research Institute of Precision Mechanical Engineering initiated a search work in 1963-1964 in order to study the possibility of creating a more powerful system in terms of the quantity of explosives in the salvo, a longer range system with the help of which it would be possible to solve in operational mode combat tasks at ranges from 10 to 35-40 km.

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