Watch the Russian Navy’s failed launch of Kalibr cruise missile on Ukraine

The unsuccessful launch of the Kalibr cruise missile from the Russian Navy Grigorovich-class frigate was caught on video.

A recent video published on Telegram by Russian users showed an unsuccessful launch of a Kalibr cruise missile from the Russian Navy frigate Admiral Grigorovich-class

A few days ago, cruise missiles were launched from a warship. During the launch, one of the launched missiles successfully rose to a height, however, by the time the third cruise missile was launched, it unexpectedly fell into the water a few tens of meters from the carrier ship. The corresponding video footage was taken from another ship that was nearby.

In the presented video footage, taken between July 3 and 5, you can see how an Admiral Grigorovich-class warship onr of the most advanced ship of Russian Navy, launches several missiles. In total, four missiles were fired, however, it turned out that the very first missile unexpectedly fell into the water by the time the third missile was launched from the launch silo. The circumstances of the incident are still unknown, however, judging by the video footage, a spontaneous explosion that fell a few tens of meters from the rocket ship was avoided.

By knowing it was an Admiral Grigorovich-class frigate it’s pretty sure that it was Kalibr missile. Earlier it was Russia claimed that Kalibr is one of the top notch missile in Russian inventory but failed launch also in a crucial moment raised many questions on the liability of Russian made missiles. While the circumstances of the incident have not yet been disclosed, however, according to a number of assumptions, a technical malfunction with the cruise missile engine could be the reason of fall.

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