Watch: Three Russian BM-21 MRL destroyed by Ukraine by using M777 artillery

In a recent video published by the Ukraine side on Social media shows that Ukrainian M777 artillery units wipe out 3 Russian BM-21 Grads MLRSs.

One of the many videos that circulate daily from the evolution of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, is what we have chosen to show you today. Essentially, it shows the destruction of 3 Russian BM-21 rocket launchers (essentially the same weapon as the RS-70 serving in the ES, except that the Czechoslovak system is mounted on another vehicle, and carries an additional load of rockets for immediate retreading).

In the represented video it shows that Ukraine attack the Russian BM-21 MRL site with artillery with pinpoint accuracy and only took 5-6 bullets to destroyed all 3 BM-21. In the end, you can see even after BM-21 caught fire it shot one missile so either BM-21 was firing during the strike or because fire broke out it automatically fired the missile.  However, judging by the accuracy it could be M982 Excalibur extended range guided artillery shell. While all the action was completely captured by the UAV.

We will note something, so that there is a better picture from our readers. Even if the Russians had located the Ukrainian artillery, the BM-21 could NOT have fired retaliatory fire, as their rockets were inaccurate. Let’s say they are based on fire volume, not fire accuracy. The mission of the anti-artillery, however, is based exclusively on the accuracy of the shots.

The US has supplied 90 M-777 howitzers to Ukraine as part of an $800m military aid package, and reportedly all except one have reached Ukraine, with several of them now deployed on the front lines.

However, as soon as Ukraine bring M777 howitzers into the battlefield many M777 were struck by projectiles fired from a Russian UAV and artillery.

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