Weakened by the Russian air defence system, Israel ‘turned back’ in Syria

Consecutive attacks but the results were not as expected, Israel had to change tactics. Confronting Russian weapons in Syria will cause Israel serious losses.

The Russian air defense system is used very effectively by the Syrian army. In the face of impressive interceptions, Israel had to abandon its air strikes against Iranian forces in Syria.

Despite Israel’s threat to attack Iran and its facilities in Syria, the Israeli Defense Ministry has concluded that it is necessary to abandon the original plans. The reason for this “reversal” is that the Russian air defence system is used too effectively by the Syrian army.

Published figures show that the Russian air defence system located in Syria successfully intercepted 13 of the 14 missiles that Israel used to attack Syria.

With the effective operation of the Syrian army, the Israeli air force could face serious losses.

Another reason explained by experts for Israel’s “reversal” is that it does not receive US support in its military operations against Syria.

Obviously, for the above reasons, Israel does not want to escalate tensions in Syria. In the past two weeks, Israel has not carried out any strikes against the targets of Iran-backed forces in Syria.

It should be noted that Israel has previously accused Iran of attacking its ships. At that time, Israel threatened a strong response. However, there is no evidence that Tehran attacked the Israeli ship.

Israel’s decision to “turn back” in Syria is considered wise. Confronting Russia or Iran will both expose Israel to many challenges. Because at present, Israel is under a lot of pressure from Lebanon.

On August 6, our sources reported on the Lebanese attack on Israel. Accordingly, at least 15 missiles hit Israel from Lebanese territory. The attack was seen as a response to the Israeli Defense Forces’ air strikes on Lebanon.

Our source added that if Israel continues to escalate, Lebanon is ready to fire hundreds of missiles into its territory.

Israel’s air defense system shot down several missiles. But, at least 4 rockets fell on Israeli territory. This information has been confirmed by Hezbollah. The Lebanese armed group was the strategic force that launched the attack on Israeli territory. However, so far there has been no official confirmation from Israel.

It is known that the missile was intercepted by an air defense system located in the Golan Heights. The published video confirms that the missile was intercepted, but not all. This shows that, in the case of a large-scale attack by Hezbollah, it is difficult for Israel to ensure security. Hezbollah has stated that the group is ready to fire 20,000 missiles at Israel.

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