Weapon that only one country in the world has, the real weapon of “Doomsday”

Nuclear bombs are now recognized as the most lethal weapons. If all nuclear warheads held by countries around the world are launched simultaneously, Even if they fail to destroy the earth, it can damage the earth’s vitality, wipe out the entire human civilization, and destroy the current ecosystem. 

When it comes to nuclear bombs, the first reaction of many people is an atomic bomb. After all, the first and only time a nuclear bomb appeared on the scene was two atomic bombs fell on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. But the nuclear bomb family actually has two major members, the atomic bomb and the hydrogen bomb. In terms of power, the relatively low-key hydrogen bomb is the big brother.

Tsar Bomba

The hydrogen bomb was originally appeared after tha atomic bomb. It was officially introduced by United states to the world stage on March 1, 1954. In this year, the hydrogen bomb that could be used for actual combat exploded on Bikini Island for the first time, and the United States became the first country to have a combat hydrogen bomb. The United States succeeded in the actual combat hydrogen bomb, and his biggest rival, the Soviet Union, could not sit peacefully. Then Soviet president quickly summoned Andrei Sakharov in the field of Soviet nuclear weapons and asked him to be responsible for the development of the Soviet actual combat hydrogen bomb. In the time, a super hydrogen bomb belonging to the Soviet Union was developed.

The Soviet expert Andrei Sakharov really lived up to expectations and did not disappoint Khrushchev, and the super hydrogen bomb “Tsar” was born. The “Tsar” super hydrogen bomb is truly terrifying, and it can be called a true doomsday weapon. Why do you say that? At that time, the Soviet Union, which was eager for quick success and quick profit, tried to make a blockbuster, and wanted to directly use the first hydrogen bomb to deter the world and overwhelm the limelight of the United States.

Therefore, Soviet Union hydrogen bomb “Tsar Bomba” not only lead from the United States but also it definitely beats the United States in terms of power and technology, and the equivalent is very sufficient. The preliminary designed hydrogen bomb has a terrifying 100 million tons of TNT equivalent, which is 10 times the power of the American hydrogen bomb. Later, due to various considerations, the explosive equivalent of the hydrogen bomb was cut by half during the experiment, but it was still very shocking.

If the “Tsar” detonated at the originally planned Kazakhstan nuclear test base, there would probably be major problems in Central Asia and even Europe, and some places would even become one of the restricted area Mityushikha Bay.  At that time, the test explosion turned into an uninhabited in the Arctic Ocean, but even so, the scope is still very wide. After the “Tsar” exploded, strong light radiation and shock waves were produced, and the mushroom cloud formed was as high as 60,000 meters, and the buildings within 110 kilometers of the explosion center were completely destroyed.

The electronic pulses generated by the explosion interrupted Soviet communications and even traveled across oceans, making the North American Air Defense Command of the United States also a victim. Even in the past few decades, future generations have been affected by the nuclear explosion. It can be seen that the “Tsar” is so powerful that it is nothing to say that it is a weapon of doomsday.

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